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Migrate from netViz Seamlessly

With just a few clicks, you can easily import all of your network assets and map fields, icons, data and diagrams. Graphical Networks’ netViz import utility allows you to retain all of your catalog and project items, port all attributes and values to netTerrain’s database, and maintain all icons, visual overrides and backgrounds.

As of June 30th, 2012, CA Technologies no longer supports the netViz software suite. Graphical Networks’s netTerrain platform is designed as a comprehensive netViz replacement with additional feature-rich enhancements to visualize physical and operational diagrams.

Why netTerrain?

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Comprehensive, Ongoing Support
You’ll get full support backed by a team solely dedicated to developing the most innovative, next generation IT visualization solutions.
100% Web-Based
Enjoy the advantages of a 100% web-based platform, with the speed and convenience of a desktop tool.
No Plug-ins, No Fat Clients
No plug-ins, add-ons or fat clients are required to view the diagrams, which are retrieved in real-time from a central server.
Designed by netViz Veterans

We understand your needs firsthand: for many years, we were part of the team behind netViz.

We took our experiences there and rolled them into the most comprehensive, reliable and innovative visualization solution on the market today. netTerrain is used by leading enterprises and US Government agencies.

Scalable for Any Size Organization
Enterprise-grade scalability and performance, multi-user and multi-browser.
Dedicated netViz Integration
netTerrain Integration toolkit with built-in adapters, netViz import utility.
Feature-rich Enhancements
Open relational SQL-based API and data structure, modern .NET based technology .

Customer Success Story

The University of New South Wales

"We were able to start using netTerrain right away. It’s simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly: no tutorial needed. Before netTerrain, we had to travel to the different campuses where our equipment is located. Now, we can see our network from a web-browser. We have a vast amount of devices and netTerrain makes locating these devices very simple. This software is a valuable tool in modelling our network for the future and keeping accurate documentation of our current network environment. Overall, it’s greatly improved our efficiency.”



Started using right away.


Locating devices made simple.