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Telecom & Communications

Streamline IT Management

Streamline and simplify IT management: with netTerrain, you can easily manage your entire network (fiber, data centers, networks, Cloud, third-party apps) from one place, reducing the need for manual processes and the risk of errors. Create beautiful diagrams of your network in a few clicks: save time and ensure that your network documentation is always up-to-date.

Simplify Fiber Management

Managing fiber infrastructure is a challenge for telecom and communications providers, but netTerrain’s fiber plant capabilities saves you time, makes circuit design/management so easy it’s actually fun, and gives you views of your fiber without the need to head out into the field (or walk miles of fiber). Track fiber links and circuits, manage splice points, and ensure that your fiber infrastructure documentation is reliable and easy-to-access.

Optimize Data Centers

Optimize telecom and communications data center operations: get detailed maps of your floorplans, racks, and devices — down to the port and card level — so you can maximize resources, accurately plan for capacity, save on cooling and power, and quickly resolve issues. Make informed decisions about your data center infrastructure, ensuring that you have the right resources in place to meet your needs.

Gain IT Visibility

Get detailed, real-time visibility into your network — so it’s easy to locate and fix issues before they become problems. With netTerrain, you can track network devices and their configurations, identify bottlenecks and potential problems, and quickly respond to issues. Generate detailed reports about your network, gain valuable insights into your network performance and identify areas for improvement.

“netTerrain's visualization helps us manage and trace our entire network, including 3000+ rack elevations, with precise details down to port connections.“

“netTerrain’s visualization helps us manage and
trace our entire network, including 3000+ rack elevations,
with precise details down to port connections.“

Pat DeSanctis, Bell, Wireline Network Provisioning


Fiber optic infrastructure is essential to telecom and communications networks. netTerrain’s fiber plant capabilities help you:

  • Document and manage fiber and changes
  • See your entire infrastructure, including inside of splice boxes, from your office
  • Design circuits in seconds and simplify management
  • Keeping track of asset inventory and cabling connections

Managing a telecom and communications network can be complicated; netTerrain helps you:

  • Gain a centralized platform for all your network data
  • Automatically discovers network devices and links
  • Automatically maps the network and spits out beautiful diagrams that make sense of your IT
  • Generates detailed and easy-to-understand reports across all levels of stakeholders

Downtime is costly and can even damage your reputation. netTerrain helps you minimize headaches:

  • Gain a single source of truth for all network data
  • Get on-demand, real-time maps that pinpoint issues and full impact of outages
  • Access detailed documentation, embedded in diagrams, that shows what’s worked in the past, who’s working on an issue, license information, and much more

Data center operations can be expensive for telecom and communication providers; netTerrain helps you reduce costs:

  • Optimize capacity and airflow to reduce power and cooling costs
  • Visualize power and cooling usage to identify cost savings
  • Monitor server health in real-time to prevent downtime
  • Access capacity planning insights so you can optimize resource usage

Telecom and communications networks are often subject to regulatory compliance requirements. netTerrain helps you stay compliant by:

  • Get detailed network visibility to identify potential security threats
  • Generate reports in clicks
  • Keep track of asset inventory and cabling connections
  • Understand the network to identify potential issues

Ditch Spreadsheets, Visio & Google Earth:

Troubleshoot faster, understand capacity, save money, plan better, reduce energy use, clean up cabling, and tons more.

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