What is netTerrain?

netTerrain is Graphical Networks’ web-based platform that powers netTerrain DCIM, netTerrain Logical, and netTerrain OSP software products.

How much will netTerrain cost?

netTerrain is affordable for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

From small and medium businesses, federal government agencies, and large organizations, netTerrain provides flexible licensing options (from on premise to cloud) to suit all budgets.

How is netTerrain licensed?

netTerrain is licensed per # of devices and includes unlimited users.

On premise license options:

  • Permanent, perpetual license:
    pay once and keep netTerrain software license forever. Subsequent yearly maintenance is optional.

  • Yearly subscription license:
    install the software in your premises and pay annually.

netTerrain Cloud Option:

  • netTerrain Cloud:
    cloud-based option with monthly payments. For more information on netTerrain Cloud, click here.

For more information about netTerrain Licensing, please click here.

How many users are included with netTerrain?

netTerrain offers a very simple license model (doesn't take a rocket scientist) that includes unlimited users with eight user permissions to access netTerrain diagrams (from read-only to power user rights).