netTerrain DCIM Data Center Infrastructure Management Simple, easy to customize, feature rich:
all without breaking the bank.
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Optimize Capacity. Lower Costs. Prevent Downtime.

Understand & View Your Entire Infrastructure

View your entire infrastructure — from the global level to the port level: netTerrain makes it easy.

Need to see a regional view of your data center? Need to see a specific port? With netTerrain DCIM, you can easily view your Data Centers from region, to rack...down to each port and subcomponents.

  • See your infrastructure in the right level of detail: create your own hierarchies and visualize assets in physical, logical or any custom views.
  • Get reliable and real-time information when you need it: track status, asset data and unlimited custom fields for any object.
  • Answer questions about your infrastructure and boost efficiency: create your own reports & dashboards in minutes.
Solve Space & Rack Density Headaches
  • Streamline capacity planning.
  • Stop wasting rack space based on nameplate power.
  • Increase rack density by tracking actual power consumption.
  • Track the exact location of racks, equipment, trays and other elements.
  • Color code elements by utilization and other capacity parameters.
Save Money & Time
  • Locate any asset, based on any parameter, in seconds.
  • Find stranded or underutilized assets and put them to work.
  • Troubleshoot faster with end-to-end circuit layout records.
  • Know what is connected to what — down to the port level.
Lower Power & Cooling Costs
  • Put an end to zombie servers in your data center.
  • Replace expensive smart power strips.
  • Efficiently identify power/thermal failures.
Forget Licensing Hassles

With netTerrain, licensing is simple.

netTerrain DCIM is licensed per # of devices, and # of editors (read-only users are unlimited).

  • Permanent license option: pay once, install the software in your premises, keep it forever. Subsequent yearly maintenance for netTerrain DCIM is optional.
  • Yearly license option: install the software in your premises and pay once a year.
  • SaaS: cloud-based option with monthly payments.
  • DCIM package option: getting started is easy with our DCIM package. Get what you need and quickly launch your project: eliminate the hassle of getting line-item approvals and score a win with your project in weeks, not months.
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Maximize Space & Racks
  • Identify available space, power and networks
  • Optimize and simplify additions and moves
  • netTerrain DCIM lets you reconfigure devices with ease
Reduce Power Expenses & Consumption
  • Replace expensive power strips
  • Identify dead and under-utilized assets
  • Measure energy usage by device
  • Power aware VM migration
  • Power aware job scheduling
Discover & Unify Your Infrastructure
  • SNMP discovery of devices, ports and link data
  • Bring in data using other protocols to leverage things such as environmental parameters like power and temperature usage
  • Predefined integrations with existing monitoring systems and an easy way to
    create new integrations
  • Bulk import (one time or on a continuous basis) data from text and spreadsheets and static diagrams (Visio, netViz and other desktop and legacy tools)
Find & Optimize Assets
  • Find and employ unused network ports, underutilized, switches, routers, cables and circuits
  • Quickly locate assets
  • See how assets are configured
Track & Organize Cabling
  • Copper & fiber management
  • Tray management
  • Outside plant connectivity
  • Circuit management
  • Power cable management
Plan for Capacity
  • Understand your current capacity
  • Optimize the capacity you currently have by finding underutilized servers
  • Craft a roadmap for adding capacity with space requirements, energy efficiency and connectivity
Boost Overall Productivity
  • Manage, troubleshoot and and protect your data center by viewing all logical aspects of your network
  • Get real-time, virtual views of your entire data center
  • Monitor supply chain, energy output and performance of applications

Why netTerrain?

Hierarchical Diagrams
Hierarchical Diagrams are at the heart of the tool and don’t require Visio or third-party applets.
The Best Usability
We are obsessed. We believe a DCIM tool should maximize efficiency, not make things harder on you.
Trivially Simple Modeling
Other vendors take days, weeks or months to deliver them; we train you how to do it yourself in minutes!
Add or remove properties, change visual cues, create business rules and apply them to thousands of objects in seconds.
Custom Reporting
Create your own reports – don’t just depend on the reports that are provided to you.
Modern Platform
netTerrain uses HTML5-based browser technology for a thick client-less and plugin-less multiuser experience.
Worry-free Integration
That’s right – we create adapters to any commercial tool you already have for increased automation at no cost.
Feature-Rich Discovery
We bring in any assets, ports, layer 3 links and much more using protocols such as SNMP. IPMI, SSH, OLE and others.
Granular Security
8 different access roles (AD and FIPS compliant) configurable on a per diagram basis puts you in control.
  • Intel i7 Processor
  • 10GB Free Space
  • 8GB RAM
  • MS SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 or 2019
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
  • MS IIS 8.0 or better
  • NET Framework 4.5 or better

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