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Seamlessly Track Cable & Circuit Changes

Are you still tracking your cable and circuit documentation in out-of-date spreadsheets or Visio diagrams?

Poor cable management can lead to a number of inefficiencies that directly affect the bottom line: slower troubleshooting because circuits cannot be properly traced, stranded ports and subcomponents due to partial decommissioning of fiber connectivity…and the list goes on.

Many companies overlook the importance of cable and circuit management in a Data Center Infrastructure Management solution, but cables and circuits are the entities that glue it all together! Having a proper cable management software and a sound circuit management process in place are key to a successful, integral DCIM implementation.


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Copper and Fiber Management
  • Easily navigate through your Data Centers, IT inventory and networks.
  • Create and model your own cable types with unlimited custom properties and rules – in minutes!
  • Track any properties for cables including type, connectors, length, and any number of custom fields
  • Port-to-port connectivity visualization
  • Color code cables based on your own criteria
  • View cables at any level: port, card, device backplane, rack, floor plan and more
  • Track fiber from the switch to the patch panel and any hop in between
  • Circuit layout records for end-to-end tracing of each fiber strand or copper cable
  • Associate fiber strands to fiber trunks and conduits
  • Route cables in precise fashion at any level using bend points
Tray Management
  • Manage and track underfloor and overhead trays
  • Route cables of any type through any number of tray sections
  • Automatically track tray occupancy rates and create your own fill rate equations
  • Dynamic color coding of trays based on current fill rate thresholds
Outside Plant Connectivity
  • Visualize manholes, conduits, ducts, trunks and other containers and termination elements for cabling
  • Create and manage splices down to the strand level (with splice points) and cross connect each strand to fiber panels and other inside and outside plant elements
  • Associate strands to trunks, ducts and conduits and re-route and overlay them on geo-referenced maps
  • Document radio and wireless equipment and their circuits (towers, antennas, radio equipment and associate circuits and frequencies)
Circuit Management
  • Create and model your own circuit and service elements with unlimited custom properties and rules – in minutes!
  • Document and manage layer 1 to layer 7 connectivity port-to-port and create associations (bundles) between layers
  • Autodiscover and document layer 3 IP/MPLS connectivity
  • Document SDH, SONET, Ethernet, DWDM and other circuits including the full hierarchies and tributaries
  • Map low-level circuits to their higher level containers (such as T1 to T3, T3 to OC-3, etc.)
  • Create circuit layout records including all outside and inside plant elements
Power Cable Management
  • Create and model your own power cable types with unlimited custom properties and rules – in minutes!
  • Track any properties for power cables including type, amperage, length, and any number of custom fields
  • Display power connectivity down to the power plug and color code cables based on your own criteria
  • Create power circuit layout records for end-to-end tracing of each power feed

Customer Success Story: UBL


"The Java-based system we had for our cable and asset management just wasn’t cutting it anymore. From installation to implementation and adoption, netTerrain delivered. netTerrain saves us time and money – and simplifies our work with its incredible usability. Without question, it’s more efficient, faster and cost-effective than the previous system we had.”

Mario Kisslinger,
Solution Architect


Inefficient Java-based system replaced.


Money & time saved by switching to netTerrain.

netTerrain DCIM can be used as an ideal cable management solution for copper and fiber cabling, circuit management (from layer 1 to layer 7), or even wireless and radio connectivity, both for inside and outside plant.

With netTerrain’s cable management features you will trouble shoot things quickly using our circuit layout records and circuit mapping, more efficiently manage inventory by carefully tracking occupancy and connectivity down to the connector detail and save money in assets due to proper commissioning and decommissioning of ports and sub-components.

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