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Automated Network Documentation

Network superheroes like you need a sidekick:
documentation that helps you save the day.

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Detailed & Real-time Network Information at Your Fingertips

Automatically discover the network

netTerrain’s native discovery, which uses SNMP, VCenter, and Cloud, makes it easy to map out your physical and virtual infrastructure and their relationships. Click, connect, and get a coffee.

Pixel-perfect and data-driven diagrams

Once netTerrain discovers your network, you get pixel-perfect, data-driven, and multi-user, secure, and browser-based diagrams, embedded with information, that depict your entire infrastructure.

Take control with actionable insights

With your entire IT infrastructure mapped in beautiful diagrams, you can take control of your IT costs plus reduce downtimes with data and behavior-driven objects, real-time dashboards, and audits.

  • View and manage your entire IT infrastructure in one place
  • Know what you have and where it is with real-time updates
  • Save time and effort by avoiding manual data entry

  • Keep your documentation up-to-date without lifting a finger
  • Get a clear understanding of your infrastructure in clicks
  • Never be in the dark with real-time updates that reflect the actual state of the network

  • Drill down to root causes with real-time, end-to-end visibility
  • Identify issues right away with real-time alerts and monitoring
  • Resolve issues fast via dynamic diagrams embedded with valuable insights & documents

  • Keep costs down with real-time resources insights and reporting
  • Use resources efficiently with better planning and analysis
  • Make informed decisions with actionable insights and metrics

  • Manage all your IT in one place (networks, data centers, fiber, and Cloud like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)
  • Bring in any data – homegrown or third-party, in clicks
  • Pre-built connectors make unifying and visualizing your various tools easy-peasy
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Why netTerrain?

Fun to Learn & Use

netTerrain is so easy, you could learn it while eating a bowl of cereal. Just log in, click, and boom — you’re creating diagrams that make sense of your network in no time.

Flexible Like Gumby

In just a few clicks, make netTerrain your own: integrate with any third-party tools, customize floorplans and devices, assign granular security roles, and much more.

Data Entry? Nah.

Discover and map your network with ease, and connect to third-party tools in a snap. And hey, you can even do it all while streaming your favorite cat videos.

Real Help, No Bots

No help bots, no passing the buck – get immediate assistance from experienced IT folks like you in real-time. No more waiting around for a response from a faceless AI.

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