IT Efficiency

Keep your agency compliant, secure, and
efficient: cut costs, get deep insights, & make sense of your IT


Conserve Energy

Adhere to strict energy mandates and lower PUE in clicks: netTerrain helps you optimize your power and cooling usage (and reduce costs up to 30%), lessen your carbon footprint, and put ghost servers and underutilized resources back to work.

Save Time

Streamline IT operations and improve efficiency with automated network mapping, real-time monitoring, and having one centralized platform from which you can visualize all IT: track your IT assets, discover devices and links, and troubleshoot quickly.

Reduce Costs

Spend less on IT and optimize resources with accurate capacity insights, lower power and cooling costs, save rack space (grow vertically — not horizontally) Gain insights into your infrastructure and make informed decisions to cut costs and save money.

Stay Secure

Protect sensitive data and meet regulatory requirements by detecting vulnerabilities — and monitor potential issues in real-time. Assign access on a granular basis, choose from on-premises or Cloud, and access 8 roles of user permissions. netTerrain has earned a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN), awarded by the Army and Department of Defense (DoD).

“We've been using netTerrain for 12 years: it simplifies our work, provides us with insights, and makes it easy to keep our documentation current. A great value.“

“We’ve been using netTerrain for 12 years:
it simplifies our work, provides us with insights,
and makes it easy to keep our documentation current.
A great value.“

Allen B, NASA Systems Engineer IV


Government agencies need to make every dollar count: optimize your existing resources to reduce costs and save money:

  • Accurately plan resource utilization to reduce spending
  • Lower power and cooling costs as much as 30%
  • Consolidate resources and identify underutilized servers
  • Fully decommission cabling and other devices
  • Gain insights into your infrastructure to make informed decisions and cut costs
  • Use a centralized platform for all your IT management needs

Downtime can be costly and damaging but netTerrain helps you troubleshoot faster and prevent downtime in the first place:

  • Get automatic real-time status updates to identify potential issues before they become problems
  • Get alerts when something is wrong so you can take action before downtime occurs
  • Access beautiful network maps that make sense of your IT in clicks
  • Gain a centralized platform from which you can manage your entire network and identify potential problem areas

Protect sensitive data and stop potential security breaches in their tracks — netTerrain helps you easily avoid issues:

  • Gain deep visibility into your network to identify potential security threats
  • Locate and identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Monitor your network in real-time to prevent security breaches
  • Install on-premises or in the Cloud

Data centers can be a significant,but mission-critical, expense for government agencies, and optimizing them can result in big cost savings – netTerrain helps you:

  • Control power usage and significantly lower PUE
  • Get real-time status updates on your data center’s performance
  • Generating reports to help you identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Ditch Spreadsheets, Visio & Google Earth:

Troubleshoot faster, understand capacity, save money, plan better, reduce energy use, clean up cabling, and tons more.

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