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Outside Plant and Campus Connectivity

Beautiful & accurate diagrams of your fiber plant:
zoom in from the street level to the strand level in seconds.

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Slide See Ya, Spreadsheets: Control Your Fiber Plant with Precision

Easily import and add in new info It’s easy to import all of your existing fiber information, from spreadsheets to Google Earth, in a few clicks. Add new information in seconds: have all of your fiber information in one central place. Zoomable views from global to strands Outgrowing spreadsheets and/or Visio? With netTerrain, you can have all of your information in one place: import existing fiber information, from spreadsheets to Google Earth, in a few clicks (and add new info in seconds). Eliminate guesswork & waste netTerrain eliminates the need for guesswork and gives you the tool you need to plan for fiber capacity with precision. Plan, design, and report on your fiber plant and circuits...without breaking the bank.


Visualize Everything with GIS-enabled Maps
  • Assign a dynamic map to your netTerrain diagram in seconds with easy search and point and click
  • 6 decimal precision for exact lat/long positioning
  • 19 zoom levels - from the world view down to the street/block level
  • 4 map layers including a standard, transport and light layer for less cluttered maps
  • Measure distances between objects on maps, lengths of connections (including their bend points) and automatically place objects based on lat/long values or city/town names
Map, View, & Search Any OSP Elements
  • Place, view and search with precision any OSP elements, including: manholes, conduits, towers, fiber trunks, buffers, splices, splitters and any custom object you’d like
  • Hierarchically map all OSP elements according to your own layers (such as strands in buffers in ducts in conduits, or connection points with splitters with manholes, etc)
  • Manage towers, antennas, radio equipment, wireless connections and more
Understand Inside Plant Assets & Cabling
  • Space, floorplan and rack management
  • Power and temperature monitoring within the data center and buildings
  • Asset management with unlimited properties and precise location and rack elevation views
  • Cable and circuit management within the data center, including overhead tray occupancies and underfloor cabling
Discover & Visualize Transport Technology
  • Discover and visualize any network and transport technology
  • Create Fiber, Wireless and SONET/SDH/PDH topology rings and map each device back to its physical location
  • Create layer 1 and 2 circuits according to the specific Fiber, Ethernet or SONET/SDH/PDH hierarchy with unlimited bundling (nesting) of circuits of lower order with circuits of higher order
Manage Cabling & Circuits
  • Create end to end high level circuits with their overall properties and map the underlying physical paths
  • View the network from a layer 1 to layer 7 perspective in topology views
  • Manage circuits for SONET/SDH, MPLS/IP, and other technologies; reconcile the network automatically using connectors to the management systems
  • View circuits, change their arrow points, thickness, colors or styles based on dynamic visual overrides triggered by value (such as bandwidth), changes and using your own custom criteria
  • Run cables with precise paths and bend points through floorplans, rack elevations and even the exact device backplane view
  • Trace inter-diagram circuits
  • Automatically create internal cross connections based on template-based modeling of devices
Discover Your Infrastructure & Bring In Data
  • SNMP discovery of devices, ports and link data
  • Bring in data using other protocols to leverage things such as environmental parameters such as power and temperature usage
  • Predefined integrations with existing monitoring systems and an easy way to create new integrations
  • Bulk import (one time or on a continuous basis) data from text and spreadsheets and static diagrams (Visio, netViz and other desktop and legacy tools)

Why netTerrain?

Hierarchical Diagrams
Hierarchical Diagrams are at the heart of the tool and don’t require Visio or third-party applets.
The Best Usability
We are obsessed. We believe a DCIM tool should maximize efficiency, not make things harder on you.
Trivially Simple Modeling
Other vendors take days, weeks or months to deliver them; we train you how to do it yourself in minutes!
Add or remove properties, change visual cues, create business rules and apply them to thousands of objects in seconds.
Custom Reporting
Create your own reports – don’t just depend on the reports that are provided to you.
Modern Platform
netTerrain uses HTML5-based browser technology for a thick client-less and plugin-less multiuser experience.
Worry-free Integration
That’s right – we create adapters to any commercial tool you already have for increased automation at no cost.
Feature-Rich Discovery
We bring in any assets, ports, layer 3 links and much more using protocols such as SNMP. IPMI, SSH, OLE and others.
Granular Security
8 different access roles (AD and FIPS compliant) configurable on a per diagram basis puts you in control.
  • MS SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 or 2019
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
  • MS IIS 8.0 or better
  • NET Framework 4.5 or better
  • Intel i7 Processor
  • 10GB Free Space
  • 8GB RAM


"Cost-effective, easy to learn, GIS-enabled software. We now have one
centralized place for tracking all of our fiber & copper cabling."

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