Automatic Network Discovery

Automagically Map Your Network

Effortlessly visualize your network: get pixel-perfect diagrams in clicks, no data entry required.

Automatic Network Discovery

Network Mapping Made Easy

Map your network in a few clicks and let netTerrain’s powerful discovery engine do the rest: get real-time, detailed diagrams — with almost zero effort.

Fully Automated Network Discovery

Discover and map all of your SNMP-enabled devices easily using netTerrain’s native discovery. Quickly pull up easy-to-understand diagrams and schedule regular intervals to ensure your data is always up-to-date.

Visualize Any Data, Any Platform

Bring your third-party data to life with netTerrain’s pre-built connectors to platforms like Solarwinds, AWS, vCenter, and ServiceNow. Got data in homegrown databases? netTerrain brings that in, too!

Real-Time Network Info

Keep your network information current with scheduled discovery intervals. Just choose your preferred polling intervals and boom: your diagrams will always reflect the current state of your network.


Get ahead of potential issues with real-time network visibility that allows you to quickly identify, resolve problems, and optimize performance. Elevate your efficiency, enhance security, and streamline compliance while maximizing your productivity.

Simplify network management by having a readily available visual representation of your entire IT landscape. Accurately diagnose and fix problems with pixel-perfect diagrams that allow you to drill down to the port level and access necessary documentation with ease.

Effortlessly manage all your data with pre-built connectors that bring everything under one roof — no need for costly consultants or extended ramp-up times. Say goodbye to switching between tools or sifting through spreadsheets and focus on what truly matters. Visualize all the data you need, from AWS to ServiceNow to on-premises IT, with just a few clicks.

Reduce downtime by swiftly troubleshooting network issues with the ability to see everything in your IT landscape in detail. Search across your network in seconds and visualize the impact of outages to make informed decisions. Stay ahead of capacity constraints with easy-to-read reports that simplify smart decision-making.

Why netTerrain?

Fun to Learn & Use

netTerrain is so easy, you could learn it while eating a bowl of cereal. Just log in, click, and boom — you’re creating diagrams that make sense of your network in no time.

Flexible Like Gumby

In just a few clicks, make netTerrain your own: integrate with any third-party tools, customize floorplans and devices, assign granular security roles, and much more.

Data Entry? Nah.

Discover and map your network with ease, and connect to third-party tools in a snap. And hey, you can even do it all while streaming your favorite cat videos.

Real Help, No Bots

No help bots, no passing the buck – get immediate assistance from experienced IT folks like you in real-time. No more waiting around for a response from a faceless AI.

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