Get Visual About IT

See, track, & understand your IT: save money, boost efficiency, enhance performance

  • Gain end-to-end real-time visibility to quickly resolve issues
  • Get insights and dynamic diagrams, embedded with documents, in seconds
  • Receive real-time alerts and monitoring to stay ahead of any problems

  • Manage all your IT infrastructure in one place for complete visibility
  • Track your inventory in real-time with automatic updates
  • Save time with automated data entry and integration of third-party tools

  • Keep your documentation up-to-date without manual effort
  • Gain a clear understanding of your infrastructure with real-time updates
  • Easily access valuable information and documents to save time

  • Get real-time resource insights and reporting to control costs
  • Use efficient resource planning and analysis for cost-effective decisions
  • Make informed decisions with actionable insights and metrics

  • Effortlessly create circuits in minutes to save time
  • Trace inter-diagram circuits and automate internal connections
  • Visualize your network and transport technology for better management

  • Precisely map and measure geographical elements with GIS-Enabled maps
  • Automatically discover devices and links to stay on top of your inventory
  • See a visual representation of assets & connections from layer 0 through 7

Why netTerrain?

Fun to Learn & Use

netTerrain is so easy, you could learn it while eating a bowl of cereal. Just log in, click, and boom — you’re creating diagrams that make sense of your network in no time.

Flexible Like Gumby

In just a few clicks, make netTerrain your own: integrate with any third-party tools, customize floorplans and devices, assign granular security roles, and much more.

Data Entry? Nah.

Discover and map your network with ease, and connect to third-party tools in a snap. And hey, you can even do it all while streaming your favorite cat videos.

Real Help, No Bots

No help bots, no passing the buck – get immediate assistance from experienced IT folks like you in real-time. No more waiting around for a response from a faceless AI.

See what netTerrain can do for you