Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

IT Management

Simplify network management, troubleshoot faster, and deliver excellent service to clients

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Simplify Management

netTerrain provides MSPs with a unified platform for managing networks, data centers, and fiber. Easily monitor, track, and manage client networks in real-time — get beautiful maps and client-ready reports in clicks.

Troubleshoot Faster

Troubleshoot issues and keep your clients’ networks up and running with ease. With real-time alerts and the documentation you need to fix issues fast, netTerrain helps you resolve issues and even prevent them in the first place.

Automate Documentation

netTerrain’s automated network mapping capabilities save MSPs time and effort by reducing the need for manual mapping. netTerrain can automatically discover devices and links, providing MSPs with up-to-date network maps that provide the insights you need — in clicks.

Ensure Compliance

Meet client compliance requirements and guidelines requirements and guidelines (such as HIPAA, PCI, and more) and avoid big penalties. With complete visibility into networks, it’s easy to identify and prevent vulnerabilities.

“From installation to implementation and adoption, netTerrain delivered. netTerrain saves us time and money – and simplifies our work with its incredible usability.“

“From installation to implementation and adoption, netTerrain delivered. netTerrain saves us time and money – and simplifies
our work with its incredible usability.“

Mario Kisslinger, UBL Informations Systeme, Solution Architect


netTerrain’s centralized one-stop-shop IT platform and easy automation make it easier for MSPs to deliver excellent services to their clients. With real-time network mapping and monitoring, MSPs can identify and fix issues before clients are impacted:

  • Resolve issues faster and keep clients happy
  • Identify issues before they become service-impacting and take action
  • Give your clients beautiful network maps and IT reports that make sense of their infrastructure

netTerrain simplifies network management for MSPs. With a unified platform, MSPs can manage networks, data centers, and fiber more easily:

  • Make detailed maps that are hands-free (aka no data entry required)
  • Get a single, transparent pane of glass through which you can see, and manage, all IT infrastructure
  • Get the information you need to cut costs and resolve headaches with ease
  • Reduce power & cooling costs up to 30%

Troubleshoot issues in client networks faster, meet service level agreements, and prevent loss of reputation:

  • Real-time alerts and predictive analytics help MSPs identify and fix issues faster
  • Automate network mapping and discovery without manual effort
  • Track changes and keep your maps and documentation current without lifting a finger

netTerrain helps MSPs meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, from HIPAA to FERPA to PCI.

  • Gain deep visibility and understanding across your entire IT landscape — from fiber strands to Cloud accounts — and identify sensitive information and vulnerabilities
  • Simplify reporting: generate management-style reports and dashboards in clicks

Ditch Spreadsheets, Visio & Google Earth:

Troubleshoot faster, understand capacity, save money, plan better, reduce energy use, clean up cabling, and tons more.

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