As the sales director for a DCIM/Outside Plant/Network Diagram software (netTerrain), I answer many questions each day. One of the most common questions I’m asked is, […]

Successful DCIM Implementations: Our Top Tips

As the sales director for a DCIM/Outside Plant/Network Diagram software (netTerrain), I answer many questions each day. One of the most common questions I’m asked is, […]

As the sales director for a DCIM/Outside Plant/Network Diagram software (netTerrain), I answer many questions each day. One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “well, how do we get started?” as well as, “If we decide to go ahead and use netTerrain, how can people get netTerrain up and running and get trained?” Though I frame my answer around our specific DCIM tool, the following should apply to any DCIM software that you, ultimately, select.

Successful DCIM Implementation: Start Small

At Graphical Networks, we want our customers to be successful. To help ensure success, we highly recommend starting off with a smaller project, so, for example, if you are using netTerrain for DCIM, we would suggest that you start your project with documenting one data center room and once that is completed, move on to another room. For an OSP project, start off with several buildings and streets rather than focusing on your entire campus all at once.

Why start small?

It’s reinforcing: when you complete a smaller project, you can get an instant win, that you can show to your management (which increases their support of your work on the larger project). It’s also easier to start small and work on just one room rather than try and tackle the entire data center at once. Working with a small target, you are far more likely to be successful, and focus on getting the most from the DCIM tool rather than getting overwhelmed by getting everything done all at once.

By starting small, you can also scale the number of users working on netTerrain organically. With netTerrain’s license pricing, you can start off with a smaller number of objects and add on to the license at any time. It’s easy: just a new license key that you will need to enter in.

Successful DCIM Implementation: Get Your Data

Leveraging and importing your existing data can be easy. netTerrain has many ways to import your data: from importing your spreadsheets, importing Visio, netViz, or KMZ/KML diagrams, using the netTerrain Collector, and connecting to your third party applications (ServiceNow, Solarwinds Orion NPM, CA Spectrum, etc.), viewing your cloud and virtual infrastructure (AWS, Azure, vCenter, VM Ware NSX-T), and utilizing netTerrain’s robust REST API’s, you can use your existing data and create automated documentation diagrams.

Importing Data to Your DCIM Solution Should Be Easy

Don’t have any third-party tools or spreadsheets? Not a problem. The netTerrain Collector houses netTerrain’s SNMP discovery (you can also use NMAP, WMI). netTerrain will discover any SNMP enabled asset and uses other protocols to discover the link connections too. netTerrain Collector is a standard feature in netTerrain (for more information about netTerrain’s Collector, please click here.

netTerrain’s Collector Is Easy to Install Across Multiple Networks

Successful DCIM Implementation: Need a Site Survey?

A good DCIM software vendor should offer professional services should you need some extra help getting going. For example, if you need to have a site survey to document all the assets and connections that are not discoverable (i.e. patch panels), Graphical Networks provides professional services to help you with your implementation of netTerrain. From training, to implementation services, to a full turnkey solution, Graphical Networks services can get your project up and running in no time. GN’s consultants can provide a complete inventory of assets, its connections, as well as where each asset is located. For more information on our services, please click here.

Need staff to support your documentation project? Graphical Networks partners with our value-added resellers to provide part-time or full-time staff either onsite or remote.

Successful DCIM Implementation: Need Training?

Want to get your staff up-to-speed quickly? The software vendor you choose should make professional training available to you, should you need it. At GN, we offer training to help train a group and/or to provide additional insights so that an organization can quickly jump into using netTerrain for specific purposes and really leverage the ROI they get from the +software. We offer two-day classes, which are private and can be conducted online or onsite at your facility. A nominal travel expense for the trainer will need to be added.

Do you need more advanced training, such as API training? Graphical Networks also offers this in addition to our extensive support that’s available to customers under maintenance, free-of-charge. For more information about the full suite of training services we offer, please click here.
Additionally, Graphical Networks offers certification classes. For a list of the certification classes, click here. During our annual Graphical Networks User Meeting (offered free-of-charge to our users; our next one is being held in Madrid, Spain in May), you can attend one of these sessions free-of-charge!

In conclusion, to get your DCIM project up and running, start off with a smaller project, instead of trying to document everything all at once, look to see if your organization has any data sources that has useful data, utilize the tools available, such as the netTerrain Collector, to do discovery and data import, import spreadsheets, and, if you need it, professional services or training to get your site documented and your staff up-to-speed fast.

Fred Koh
Fred Koh
As a seasoned sales executive, Fred Koh serves as Director of Sales and is responsible for Graphical Networks sales and channel partner program, marketing strategy, and operations.

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