Simplify Campus IT

Easily map, monitor, and simplify managing
your campus IT infrastructure


Track Fiber

Get an up-to-date fiber inventory at your fingertips: see inside splice boxes without leaving your office, manage strand capacity, and find available paths in clicks. Track changes with ease.

Reduce Downtime

Avoid downtime and keep your campus connected with netTerrain’s real-time monitoring and automated alerts. Get instantly notified of potential issues and quickly troubleshoot before they become larger network issues.

Optimize Resources

Efficiently allocate your campus network resources with netTerrain’s easy-to-understand and detailed insights. Easily see which devices are using the most bandwidth, maximize rack space, understand capacity and optimize your network to ensure your campus IT is efficient.

Get Compliant

Ensure that your campus IT meets various compliance regulations and guidelines by having the understanding and documentation you need to prevent breaches before they happen — and ensure your campus doesn’t inadvertently violate FERPA, HIPAA, and more.

“I don’t have to leave my office. In just five minutes, I have everything I need whereas before it could have been hours of running around.“

“I don’t have to leave my office. In just five minutes, I have everything I need whereas before it could have been hours of running around.“

Jason Hilty, University of Notre Dame, RCDD. Network Design Professional


netTerrain’s intuitive platform provides a centralized view of your entire campus network, making it easy to monitor and manage performance:

  • Zoom down from globe and street views to strand and port views in seconds
  • Quickly identify underutilized resources in your network
  • Understand IT usage, from power to rack space and strand capacity, and optimize accordingly

netTerrain streamlines educational IT management with easy-to-use automation that makes it simple to get beautiful maps that make sense of your campus infrastructure:

  • Automate network documentation
  • Manage multi-cloud accounts
  • Visualize third-party apps such as ServiceNow and Solarwinds
  • Quickly troubleshoot network issues

netTerrain’s visual network maps and resource allocation insights help you run your campus more efficiently:

  • Gain deep visibility into your network resources
  • Automate device discovery, network mapping, and change tracking
  • Cut data center power and cooling costs up to 30%

Keep your campus network secure with up-to-date documentation:

  • Identify and fix security vulnerabilities
  • Get documentation that’s compliant with various regulations
  • Monitor your network in real-time to prevent security breaches
  • Track device security patches and completed updates
  • Control access with 8 user roles

Keep your campus network documentation up to date and accurate with netTerrain’s automated network documentation features:

  • Automatically track IT changes
  • Generate accurate detailed diagrams that make your network make sense
  • Streamline network documentation management

Ditch Spreadsheets, Visio & Google Earth:

Troubleshoot faster, understand capacity, save money, plan better, reduce energy use, clean up cabling, and tons more.

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