Why netTerrain?

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Why netTerrain?

Pricing FAQ

netTerrain’s a powerful software platform designed to simplify the management and documentation of IT infrastructure. It’s widely used by both large organizations and small IT teams. The platform has two primary flavors: netTerrain DCIM and netTerrain Logical, with an add-on module for fiber management (netTerrain OSP). With netTerrain, you can easily monitor and track your IT assets such as data centers, servers, racks, cables, fiber strands, and circuits. netTerrain can also wrangle in and visualize data from various third-party apps like Solarwinds and ServiceNow, homegrown databases and Cloud accounts — making it an all-in-one solution for IT infrastructure management.

netTerrain offers flexible licensing options that work for companies of all sizes and industries.netTerrain can be installed on-premises or in the Cloud — and you can choose from perpetual or annual subscription licenses. Costs vary based on the number of devices you need to manage.

netTerrain is licensed per # of devices and includes unlimited users.

On Premise License Options:

Permanent, perpetual license:
Pay once and keep netTerrain software license forever. Subsequent yearly maintenance is optional.

Yearly subscription license:
Install the software in your premises and pay annually.

netTerrain Cloud Option:

netTerrain Cloud:
cloud-based option with monthly payments. For more information on netTerrain Cloud, click here.

For more information about netTerrain Licensing, please click here.

netTerrain offers a very simple license model (doesn’t take a rocket scientist) that includes unlimited users with eight user permissions to access netTerrain diagrams (from read-only to power user rights).

It’s your choice! Perpetual licenses are permanent, have a one-time cost, and come with no expiration date. We do require the first initial software maintenance and is optional afterwards. Year licenses have an expiration date (12 Month license key). If you do not renew the license, then you will not have any access to netTerrain. The perpetual license is a forever license, that never expires.

At Graphical Networks, we stand behind our products. We provide our customers with a 30-day unconditional software money-back guarantee, for our netTerrain Logical, DCIM, and OSP solutions.

If, at any time during the first 30 days after your software purchase, you are dissatisfied with netTerrain for any reason, you may uninstall it and ask for a full refund of the software.

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