Corporate Giving

Impactful contributions that build connections & community

Our corporate philanthropic efforts primarily focus on supporting organizations that empower change. A recent recipient of our chartible giving is the University of Maryland Foundation — which supports and promotes higher education throughout the state of Maryland.

We also support organizations that promote the advancement of IT profesesionals; we proudly sponsor BICSI (which supports the advancement of the IT and communications technology profession across 100 countries) and the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) (which provides education and resources that promote technology and technology advocacy in our backyard, Metro DC).

Corporate Giving: About

At Graphical Networks, we understand the power of connections. Afterall, we make software that connects IT people with the insights they need to do more, spend less, and cut stress.

To us, community is about connections — whether it’s the community in our home state of Maryland or the global community which includes our thousands of netTerrain users and partners.

Change starts in our own backyard: we seek opportunities to give back to our communities.

Corporate Giving: FAQ

Non-profits we give to may include:

501(c)(3) and 509(a) individuals and non-profit organizations Capital campaigns.

Fundraising for associates or family members.

Gifts we consider:

  • Direct contributions
  • Volunteer time for programs, board memberships, & projects Corporate sponsorships