IT visualization and documentation software is essential for successful troubleshooting, capacity planning, cost control, and security, among other things. To keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, it’s crucial to keep your IT visualization and documentation software up-to-date with the latest vendor version. However, upgrading can be a daunting task, if your vendor does not prioritize their customers’ needs.

If you are already familiar with this scenario, you know what we mean. Maybe you are reading this because you’re burned out and want a better experience. Or perhaps you are new to the world of IT visualization and documentation. In either case, knowledge is power, and we have some advice for you.

Over the years we’ve been in the IT documentation/visualization market, we have heard far too many horror stories about bad vendor experiences when upgrading software such as DCIM, OSP, or network diagram software. Various online software reviews confirm this — as users report weeks or months of troubleshooting with limited vendor support. When this happens, the unfortunate companies that invested in IT visualization/documentation software can be forced to put projects on hold or abandon them altogether. Yikes: this situation is unacceptable in any type of customer service, and it’s particularly bad when you’re dealing with enterprise-grade software!

The Vendor You Choose is Important: Here’s Why

To upgrade your DCIM, OSP, or network diagram software with ease, the first step is to choose the right vendor. Choosing a vendor that actually prioritizes usability and frequently updates the software is essential for ensuring that your software stays up-to-date and upgrading it is easy-peasy.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a vendor that will make keeping your software up-to-date a breeze:

  • Frequent Updates: Choose a vendor that releases frequent updates of its software to keep pace with the latest technology trends.
  • User Experience: An upgrade to a new release shouldn’t take hours or weeks to install, troubleshoot, result in any suffered performance, or the availability of the software.
  • Customer Support: Ensure that the vendor provides reliable and responsive customer support, especially during onboarding and upgrades.

Read more about choosing the right vendor here.

Upgrading your IT visualization software should be as effortless as a day at the beach…seriously.

New Software Version Releases Matter: Here’s Why

New software version releases provide updates to new features and functionality while also ensuring that your software stays compatible with the latest technology. A vendor that does not release updates frequently is a red flag, indicating that they might not be keeping up with the industry’s latest trends, prioritizing their customers, or could mean something else, like not supporting the software down the road, or gulp, considering the end of life the software (which many members of our founding team personally experienced while working at CA — formerly Computer Associates — now part of Broadcom, and now defunct netViz software). Graphical Networks releases a new version every year (in a calendar year, Graphical Networks releases two versions a year). Read more about why frequent updates matter here.

User Experience is Crucial: Here’s Why

User experience is another critical factor to consider when choosing IT documentation software. Ask the vendor how long an upgrade to a new version takes. It shouldn’t take no more than 30 minutes to get an upgrade installed! I have talked to organizations, who use other DCIM software, where it takes up to several weeks to get an upgraded version to work.

When doing an upgrade, you’d expect it to be free from any bugs that will take the vendor forever to fix, right? Talk about an unsatisfactorily user experience and the impact it may cause for your users! We’ve heard from our users who’ve switched over from other solutions that all too often releases come out with bugs that get ignored by the vendor…what a headache. Graphical Networks’ netTerrain upgrades to a new version takes on average 30 minutes, and I’ve been here since we started the company, (I am one of the original founders), and I’m proud to say that rarely have I seen any defects in our upgrade processes.

Read more about why usability matters here.

Customer Support = Non-Negotiable: Here’s Why

How hard is it to reach a real live person when contacting your Vendor Support? And when it’s time to upgrade or add new features, you can do so without any headaches! Got an issue? Reaching an actual human being — not a bot — is just a phone call away at Graphical Networks. You can get a hold of our expert Customer Support team via our Support website, chat, or calling us directly at 240-912-6223 x102.

In conclusion, upgrading your IT visualization and documentation software should never be a difficult or time-consuming process. By choosing user-centric software like netTerrain, you can enjoy an intuitive and straightforward experience that prioritizes your needs as a user. Frequent updates and an easy upgrade process ensure that you’re always up-to-date and that your software stays compatible with the latest technology trends.

So, why wait? Get a demo and free trial of netTerrain today and experience the difference for yourself. Choose a vendor that truly prioritizes your experience as a user and provides you with frequent updates — and you’ll never have to worry about frustrating upgrades (or even worse —- no upgrades) again.

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As a seasoned sales executive, Fred Koh serves as Director of Sales and is responsible for Graphical Networks sales and channel partner program, marketing strategy, and operations.