As a data center manager in healthcare, you certainly face unique IT challenges that require specialized solutions — hats off to you! From regulatory compliance to uptime and critical patient data, the stakes are high. Not to mention the explosion in reliance upon technology that the recent pandemic helped bring about — from telehealth to remote monitoring and even wearables vital to patient health, digital healthcare is here to stay.

If you’re trying to plan for, and keep, a growing data center run efficiently, you already know this: it’s all but impossible without the right software. Spreadsheets, Visio, and paper tracking of your infrastructure just won’t cut it. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) — like our software, netTerrain — can help you gain control, cut costs, and accurately plan expansions and new builds in clicks.

With netTerrain DCIM, you can quickly and easily document your network and data center infrastructure, from telecom and data center rooms, down to its racks, equipment inside the racks and down to the port level to document and manage assets, capacity, and cable management in one tool. This documentation can help you track assets and connections, licenses, vendors, recent patches, who has worked on what, and much more — all crucial for maintaining uptime and meeting compliance standards.

View Up-to-Date Data Center Floor Plans in Seconds

In healthcare, downtime isn’t just an inconvenience, as you know – it can have serious consequences for patient care. netTerrain’s detailed and easy-to-understand visual representation of your infrastructure can help you identify potential problems before they cause downtime! You’ll get real-time monitoring and alerts, so you can address issues before they become critical.

Audit headaches? Need to make sense of your data center to multiple stakeholders — from help desk folks to the C-suite? netTerrain’s unlimited views, dashboard business intelligence dashboards, and reporting query tools can help you streamline audits and demonstrate compliance with healthcare regulations. You can generate reports on power usage, network connectivity, and more, all with just a few clicks.

Do you use third-party tools such as ServiceNow or Solarwinds? Have a hybrid infrastructure, utilizing AWs, Azure, or GCP? netTerrain lets you bring in anything — literally anything — in clicks with easy pre-built connectors. Instead of multiple log-ins and trying to piece different things together, with netTerrain it’s easy to just log in, run searches and reports, and see it all under one roof (or, in this case, software platform). Check out how University of Calgary easily visualized their ServiceNow data here.

Easily Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure Across Multiple Accounts

In sum, data center managers in healthcare face unique challenges that require specialized solutions. Software like netTerrain DCIM can help by giving you the ability to document infrastructure, monitor for downtime, and make reporting simple.

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