Are you ready to move away from the nightmarish tasks of updating your spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, and Google Earth diagrams? Need a better way to manage […]

Need IT Documentation? Why Organizations Choose netTerrain

Are you ready to move away from the nightmarish tasks of updating your spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, and Google Earth diagrams? Need a better way to manage […]

Are you ready to move away from the nightmarish tasks of updating your spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, and Google Earth diagrams? Need a better way to manage the capacity of your network and data centers? Fed up spending enormous amounts of time troubleshooting the network (that results in lost productivity and money)? Trying to find a way to save money from unnecessary spending of new equipment?

If you’re looking into purchasing IT documentation software like netTerrain, the good news is that there are many options to choose from on the market today. The problem? Discerning which option is best for your organization’s needs. If you’re reading this, you may want to know what ultimately makes our customers (who represent companies in all industries and of all sizes) make the move and choose netTerrain?

The netTerrain suite (which includes network documentation, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), and Inside/Outside (OSP) Fiber Plant helps our customers tackle big IT problems like inefficiency, maximizing capacity, minimizing downtime, controlling costs, and creating big changes to daily and over-time workflow across the entire IT infrastructure.

Pain Points You Can Solve with netTerrain

Tackle IT Inefficiency

The average IT inefficiency rate is an alarming 20%. Software such as netTerrain helps our customers tackle IT inefficiency and save big money. Want to calculate your own IT inefficiency rate? Click here.

  • Create real-time network topology maps and place assets inside racks, rooms, and floors
  • Automatically map the network by leveraging netTerrain’s SNMP discovery engine
  • Connect to any data source with REST APIs, including pre-built connections to third party applications such as AWS, Azure, ServiceNow, Solarwinds Orion, Spectrum, VMWare, etc.

Maximize Capacity

Studies from Intel and others have found that the average rack usage rate is 60% — with netTerrain on the job, however, the average rack usage is 76%. With proper management of your data center rack capacity and real-time monitoring of your devices power, you can safely oversubscribe your racks, and eliminate the need to add additional racks and costs to manage racks cooling costs.

Improve accurately forecasting future data center capacity by:

  • Know exactly how much space you have in each rack
  • Stop guessing about overloading circuits
  • Know where you can power devices safely
  • See your visual space usage with an interactive floor plan.
  • Display real time capacity by:
    *Rack Unit Utilization
    * Weight
    * Power
    *Any custom variable to forecast future equipment needs

Example: Rack Capacity Dashboard in netTerrain DCIM

Minimize Downtime

Gartner has estimated that the average number of downtime hours per year is 87….how many downtime hours does your organization rack up? What’s the cost? To estimate your downtime costs, click here.

Some ways in which netTerrain helps you minimize downtime include:

  • Visualize the exact location of an outage and see exactly what’s connected to what in seconds
  • With automated network diagrams, drastically reduce the amount of errors that are common with manual data entry and quickly identify issues, and what is impacted
  • Eliminate the guessing game on when your spreadsheet and Visio diagrams was last updated
  • Search for information about any device or connections in seconds
  • Understand exactly how devices are connected by running circuit layout records

Example: Circuit Layout Record in netTerrain

Reduce Skyrocketing IT Costs

When you can tackle IT inefficiency, maximize and effectively plan for capacity, and minimize downtime, you can start to wrangle in your skyrocketing IT costs and bring some order to your IT ecosystem.

Track your entire inventory and network assets:

  • Know what you have with easy-to-use reports
  • Stay current on the servicing of equipment
  • Track costs, warranty, and vendor info, license numbers, patches, and contact information by adding data fields to any objects

Many IT documentation products make big claims — and it can be overwhelming to differentiate one DCIM or network diagram solution from another….so…

What Makes netTerrain Stand Out?

netTerrain is Built for You

In every decision our engineering team makes, the needs of our customers are the guide. We avoid decisions that complicate or take away from usability — after all, software is only as beneficial as it is usable.

netTerrain is Flexible

Would you like the flexibility for your DCIM, network diagram, or outside plant software to grow as you grow? From our flexible, pay-as-you-grow licensing options, to our robust device catalog, that makes it easy for you to model your own device if you can’t find a device in the catalog, our extensible APIs, and to our pre-built connectors with third-party tools you may already be using such as Solarwinds and ServiceNow, netTerrain makes it easy. Make your own diagrams, make customizations — and no need for expensive consultants.

netTerrain is Scalable

With netTerrain, it’s easy to start small. You can pay-as-you-grow — and choose licensing that works for your current needs and budget. For example, check out our starter packages for DCIM.

netTerrain is Web-Based

netTerrain is easy to access — across multiple environments and stakeholders, in one, centralized repository, that can be accessed anywhere, just using a web browser. In addition to on-premises licenses, netTerrain also offers Cloud options.

Collaborate with colleagues, stakeholders, and management on diagrams and data and stop information loss from employee churn.

netTerrain’s Customers Report High Rates of Satisfaction

In survey after survey, our customers report they are satisfied with netTerrain. They’ve seen real ROI, they get the support they need, they are able to customize the software as needed, and both implementation as well as onboarding new team members is simple and straightforward.

Bottomline? If you are ready to stop trying to document the network by hand (or just working without documentation), or you need a better way to manage network and data center capacity, or you want to know what you have and where it all is across your entire fiber infrastructure, netTerrain can help. If you’d like to see how netTerrain can help you, your next step is to schedule a demo with us and get a free trial.

Fred Koh
Fred Koh
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