Cloud Visualization & Monitoring

Map & Manage your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
including your on-premise network from one central place.

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Complete Cloud Control at Your Fingertips

Cloud infrastructure can be complex, but netTerrain simplifies it by providing real-time visibility, control, and insights across all major cloud providers. With netTerrain, you can:

  • Understand anything in your infrastructure in clicks
  • Control costs and use resources efficiently
  • Gain clarity with dynamic diagrams and reporting
  • Solve issues fast via real-time alerts and monitoring
  • Easily stay compliant and prevent security breaches
  • Manage all your IT in one place (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. & on-premises IT)

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Easy-Peasy Multi-Cloud Management
  • Manage all your cloud accounts (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) in one place
  • Streamline access and control
  • Centralize visibility and management
  • Eliminate the need to switch between accounts
Hands-Free, Dynamic Documentation
  • Get real-time updates without manual work
  • Stay informed of changes as they happen
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records
Customizable Metrics That Block Noise
  • Easily track the key metrics your organization cares about
  • Tailor to fit your specific needs
  • Monitor and analyze performance with ease
Deep Cloud Cost Insights & Control
  • Eliminate tag management complexity
  • Gain cross-cloud cost visibility
  • Understand the true cost of your projects across different cloud resources

Track Kubernetes Costs Track Kubernetes costs to optimize cluster resources and minimize expenses. Monitor Spending Monitor resource usage and get aggregated monthly costs so you can keep spending in check. Check IT Health View infrastructure health across accounts, detect anomalies, and zoom in to troubleshoot.

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