Your fiber plant and OSP networks can be incredibly complex. If there is a problem with a connection, how do you know what you’ll need to […]

OSP Network: 3 Ways Software Improves Efficiency

Your fiber plant and OSP networks can be incredibly complex. If there is a problem with a connection, how do you know what you’ll need to […]

Your fiber plant and OSP networks can be incredibly complex. If there is a problem with a connection, how do you know what you’ll need to fix it, where exactly it is, and so on without an up-to-date map/diagram? How can you plan for, and manage, fiber capacity?

Outside Plant Software (OSP) software can help you improve managing your fiber cabling network, in the following ways:

1. Organize Your OSP Network Information

With a good fiber plant software solution, such as netTerrain OSP, you can unscatter your OSP network information. From any web-based modern browser, you can have all the information about your OSP network in one place, whether you are looking for a SaaS or on-premises license options. From here, you can track precise cabling locations with a quick search, visualize fiber strands, import your existing info — from spreadsheets to KML/KMZ data — and more.

Importing Google Earth & KMZ data is easy in netTerrain

For organizations ready to migrate from Google Earth and spreadsheets into a centralized repository, software like netTerrain gives all users access to the same information where you can visualize down to your fiber strands, see the fiber buffer tube colors and strand colors, and see all the connections down to the port level. OSP usually encompasses all of the fiber ducts, conduits, pathways, through manholes, poles, typically outside the building, usually terminating inside the basement or first floor. For organizations looking to document all of your inside fiber connections, from the wiring closets to the wall jacks, netTerrain provides the ability to view both inside and outside plant in one solution.

Get detailed views of, and easily manage, OSP elements such as manholes

With all the information in your OSP software, your staff can save hours of time-consuming and unnecessary trips to the field, and retain employee knowledge, when your one person that knows everything about your network is sick, on holiday, or leaves the company.

2. Troubleshoot Much Faster

Want the ability to troubleshoot OSP network issues with precision and ease? It’s simple…when you use OSP software such as netTerrain. You can drill down into the infrastructure — from a global view to the strand and port levels. Add, view, and search for any elements in your OSP network in seconds (such as manholes, handholes, patch panels, splices, conduits, fiber strands), instead of going through multiple spreadsheets and Google Earth diagrams.

Need to quickly identify end to end connections to help reduce downtime? Perform trace routes to see an exact path of a circuit? netTerrain OSP provides this ability to view your entire circuit path from a LIU inside a rack in a building to inside the manholes, and where it terminates on the other end, say to another LIU in another building.

With good OSP software, you can access reliable OSP infrastructure information from anywhere (home, field,office, etc) without going to the office to try to find information.

With software such as netTerrain, it’s easy to see exact circuit paths

3. Tackle Fiber Capacity

Need to manage your OSP network’s fiber capacity? With software like netTerrain, you can balance your capacity needs with your budget. netTerrain, for example, allows you to reserve strands, generate work order tasks, and view/make changes with ease. You can determine the best routes between two points on a map and create circuits by dragging and dropping.

Network engineers can view network capacity in a matter of couple clicks — based on what is being used and what is estimated will be used down the road. You can see and manage how much capacity is in each fiber conduit/strand and also track which lessee/owner/department/user is using which fiber enclosure/strands.

In sum, these are just three ways in which having an OSP software can help you improve managing your fiber cabling network. To explore how software such as netTerrain OSP can help you save time, manage capacity, and having one place to view all of your OSP network, please do contact our Sales Dept to request an OSP demo.

And if you do have some additional free time, take a look at this Case Study from the University of Notre Dame and how they are using netTerrain OSP software for their campus here.

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Fred Koh
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