Over the course of this blog, we’ve talked about how crucial it is to have seamless integration between network monitoring tools, such as SolarWinds Orion NPM, WhatsUp Gold, PRTG, and others to keep your network diagrams up-to-date.


Having your network documentation and network diagrams reflect your entire IT network, including your third-party apps and tools, is crucial as your usage of these apps only continues to increase. In addition to these various network monitoring tools, there are other applications you may use (from ServiceNow to Remedy — heck, even AWS (especially for managing and controlling your costs!). We’re going to keep talking about it until someone pulls us off the blogging-sphere stage with a cane.

netTerrain works with any of your apps and tools, like ServiceNow

Our software, netTerrain, isn’t just your standard network diagram software package — it’s an actionable, and real-time, guide to your IT infrastructure. netTerrain is used by companies of all sizes (from one-person IT teams to some of the largest companies in the world) — that’s capable of doing some serious heavy-lifting for your team.

Having network diagrams of your on-premises IT is important…we all know that (it’s also hard to achieve without the right software). Beyond that though, your network information isn’t complete without information about all your other IT that’s hanging out in third-party tools. Assets that go beyond your core routers and switches, such as servers, patch panels, power strips, PDUs, workstations, printers, and for some wireless access points and even wall jacks! There are tools that capture these other assets that you can bring into netTerrain (no manual input needed!), besides your traditional monitoring tools, as mentioned above.

For example, check out how the team at University of Calgary was able to use ServiceNow as a single source of network truth by putting netTerrain to work: click here. U of Calgary was able to pull this off because netTerrain integrates seamlessly with third-party tool, app, legacy system….and, yes, even your outdated home-grown databases.

Screenshot from University of Calgary’s single-source-of-truth project using netTerrain

netTerrain’s ability to play well with other systems is key to creating network diagrams that are not only detailed but also accurately show the current state of your entire network. netTerrain includes out-of-the-box and with any license you buy, one-click connectors to apps like Nagios, Observium, and more. For homegrown and legacy databases, or any web app under the sun, you can use netTerrain’s integration tools to easily bring in your existing documentation in a shiny, new modern platform.

Key Benefits of Easy-to-Integrate Network Diagram Software like netTerrain:

Network Visibility: App Integration for Impactful Diagrams

  • Easy Integrations: Visualize and manage any data — ranging from ServiceNow to cloud applications like AWS, Azure, and GCP with just a few clicks, optimizing the network diagram creation process.
  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Eliminate manual data entry tasks, and inefficiencies by seamlessly integrating data, whether it’s sourced from SolarWinds or systems that are more than two decades outdated!
  • Make Informed Decisions: Synchronize and standardize information across platforms to maintain conflict-free data and ensure disparate teams can make informed decisions based on accurate network diagrams that provide a real-time view of the infrastructure.
  • Get Unified Reporting: Obtain a holistic view of your network with the ability to effortlessly share information across various departments so you solve issues faster and get more done (or go home on time).
  • Reduce IT Overhead: Punch through the complexities of managing multiple systems, curb IT spending, and create a more agile environment with unified data integration solutions that gives you the answers you need…when you need them.

To sum up, software like netTerrain isn’t just a network diagramming tool (although it’s a great one). With its extensive integration capabilities, it’s a transformational solution for IT teams that need to solve network headaches and get comprehensive, up-to-date network diagrams and information that can be shared across teams and even with outside vendors using secure permission levels when needed.

Want to see for yourself how much netTerrain can help make your work life easier and more efficient? Check out our customer success stories here, sit back and watch some YouTube videos here, or even better: start your journey toward IT nirvana today: book your demo now and we’ll also set you up with a 100% free trial so you can dive in and start getting the real-time understanding of your IT that you need.

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