In the world of IT visualization and documentation like DCIM, network diagrams, and fiber mapping, software like netTerrain stands out for its deep ability to fit your work, custom configurations, any apps you use and your team like a glove — plus, its powerful visualizations and user-centric (not just user-friendly) interface.

netTerrain’s great but it’s not one-size-fits-all software (and if a vendor says they can give you that, run straight for the hills!). That being said, netTerrain may be the perfect fit for you and not at all for another organization’s current needs. As we’ve been doing IT visualization software demos since the AOL era, here’s some wisdom we’ve gained from the trenches and we hope it makes your task of finding the right IT documentation and visualization platform more transparent, effective, and, of course, easier.

The road to finding the perfect fit for your project involves discovery calls, demos, and trials. Here’s a closer look at how, at least when it comes to our software, netTerrain, we deliver a transparent and tailored approach to helping you get the right software for your needs.

What Are “Discovery Calls”? Why Are They Important?

Your time matters. At Graphical Networks, we fully understand the reluctance to spend valuable minutes on discovery calls. We get it: you don’t want to waste time on a call if you’re not pretty sure a solution fits your needs. That being said, no two solutions are alike (just as no two IT ecosystems are alike) and it really is important to start ruling out (and ruling in) which solutions will get the job done for you and which ones just won’t or can’t. Our team can help: we’re very seasoned at having the right conversation so we can help you quickly assess the situation and send you in the right direction.

To us, discovery calls are not a sales pitch: they’re a key stepping stone in understanding your project and requirements in-depth and seeing if netTerrain can help.
Our goal is to streamline this process for you (and for us), so, during a discovery call, we just want to get some essential information about your goals.

During a Discovery Call, We Want to Find Out:

  • Your specific headaches and challenges.
  • Any deal-breakers that are crucial for your project.

The Power of Demos

Demos are built to help you: not pitch to you. In real-time, we can show you what our software can (and maybe can’t) do for you. By this point, we typically have a good idea of what you need netTerrain to do and we can show you how you can use it to untangle your cabling spaghetti, understand your network infrastructure, get a grip on your fiber plant, and make your data center rooms efficient.

During a demo, you’ll be able to:

  • Visualize how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
  • Explore how the customizable and ever-evolving features of netTerrain can transform your work

Want to see how netTerrain can help in real-time? Click here to get started.

Want to Start Visualizing Your IT? Get Your Free Trial

Ready to embark on an exciting journey toward IT nirvana with our 14-day free trial, complete with a complimentary 60-minute web training session (if you want – we highly recommend) to get you started. And here’s a pro tip – a simple request might just extend your trial up to 30 or even 60 days! Take the first step toward trying out IT visualization and documentation software here!

Wondering How Object Count and Licensing Works?

A common question we get is about pricing. Enterprise-grade software like netTerrain is notoriously complex — but, like our software, our pricing model is user-centric and it’s built to be as simple as possible for you. You can read more about it here.

In a nutshell, though, here’s what you need to know: in netTerrain, a device is any physical chassis equipment like routers, switches, servers, patch panels, and items where fiber enters/terminates. Node objects like floors and rooms are also counted, while links or connections are not. Our licensing model begins at 500 and increases in increments of 500.

You can get your pricing quote here. Still feeling overwhelmed? We are just a call or a Teams meeting away, ready to clarify any queries about our pricing model!


We’re 100% committed to providing a transparent, customizable, and modern solution for your network documentation needs. Through discovery calls, immersive demos, and our flexible trials, we want to ensure that our software aligns with your unique requirements. Dive into the world of netTerrain and discover how you can transform IT chaos into control: get started now.

About Adriana Lora

Adriana is a member of our sales and account management team; from coordinating events to ensuring our client accounts get the white glove service they deserve, Adriana’s the glue that keeps the pieces together!