Ok…if you’re familiar with our company (we manufacture software: DCIM, OSP, and Logical network diagram/documentation software), you’re probably thinking “what???”. I admit: it’s a pretty strange title from a manufacturer of DCIM software.

There is, I promise, method to my madness. Here it comes…the # 1 reason you should avoid buying DCIM software….

Let’s start with the serious stuff…you shouldn’t buy anything unless you have a really good reason:

  • Even assuming you have the budget for it…don’t just go out and buy DCIM because your boss happened to read some analyst’s reports or because you want the newest gadget (buy a drone or Tesla instead).
  • Don’t buy DCIM because you’ve been putting it off for years and it just seems like something you should have.
  • Don’t buy DCIM because someone wearing a suit and tie somewhere finally gave it the green light.

When you buy DCIM that you don’t really need, you could end up buying what is, essentially, shelfware.

Don’t buy DCIM unless you have PAIN. That’s right: the #1 reason you shouldn’t buy DCIM is if you don’t have any pain. No, I don’t mean the pain-in-your-back from rack mounting that huge Cisco chassis you just bought kind of pain. If you have that kind, you should probably buy some Ibuprofen and call it an early day. What I mean is this: have a really good reason for buying it.

Here’s an example:

You are documenting your data center with Excel.

Is that pain? Is that a good reason to buy DCIM?

Not necessarily….it depends.

Why are you wanting to stop using Excel for documentation?

Does Excel work for you now?

Does Excel work for your team and your company?

If it is working ok…why bother? It’s probably “time to wait” on DCIM rather than “time to buy”.

You want better collaboration, audit trails, or something visual? Okay, maybe that’s PAIN but honestly: you’re not quite there yet. It still may be an ache (now don’t go causing pain just because you want to not use Excel. It takes time and effort to implement DCIM, and, of course money. The strength of the pain needs to be worth the cost of the solution.

Can’t use Excel effectively anymore? Is there too much data and information for tracking the racks (and all the equipment details and so on)? Now it’s costing you time and your team time. Ok…now we are getting somewhere. I am starting to feel some PAIN. Where is that Aleve?

Even if you have real PAIN, don’t forget that you’re going to have to climb a hill for DCIM I mentioned a few already: money, time, project, approvals, etc.

Bottomline? Just because you have a good reason it may not be enough to overcome the other hurdles you will face. Maybe the PAIN needs to be even more daunting:not just wasted time but delayed projects, unknown and bad information, and regulatory compliance issues. Ouch! Oh,man — this Aleve isn’t working: I think I need a doctor.

About Jason Sherman

As Graphical Networks’ Sales Engineering and Support Services Manager, Jason Sherman leads the pre and post sales cycle with the entire Graphical Networks software portfolio, and ensures current customers are able to use the software to its fullest potential.