Tired of dealing with network headaches stemming from a lack of insights and visibility? If, for example, you’re a new company network administrator, it can be a real…errr maybe downright impossible….challenge to figure out what’s installed without doing a tedious site survey, right? And let’s be honest, those spreadsheets and manual network diagrams in a SharePoint folder, can you really trust that they’re up to date and accurate?

Network diagram software, like our solution (netTerrain), should include, out of the box, automatic network discovery , so you can create network topology maps of and run reports on your network assets in minutes (well…depending on the size of your network, that is…)!

Need to be in compliance for security audits that require updated network diagrams? netTerrain’s got you covered. Want updated diagrams that make sense of your IT? Check. Want to understand what’s connected to what — and everything impacted in an outage? netTerrain shows you that, too — and much more. netTerrain helps organizations to document and manage their network with web-based network diagrams, which are easily shareable and most importantly, are up to date via the netTerrain Collector.

“How, exactly, does netTerrain have the most current network diagrams?”

The netTerrain Collector, which houses netTerrain’s SNMP discovery engine! From Layer 2 and Layer 3 network discovery, it produces automated network topology maps for viewing and managing your network. It can also discover your network through SSH and lastly it houses our Rest API connectors!

In today’s complex networking landscape, it is crucial for network diagram software to seamlessly connect with third-party applications. Software like netTerrain understands this need and offers out-of-the-box integration capabilities.

“So…you mean that if I have a program that we use, it can read the data and import the data into netTerrain?”

Yep: netTerrain integrates with third-party applications such as CMDB solutions, Remedy and SNOW. Have another network management software program like Solarwinds Orion, PRTG, Whatsup Gold, or Zabixx? netTerrain provides built-in connectors for these as well!

For example, when you connect netTerrain to your Solarwinds Orion, it will bring in the Solarwinds data and produce a network maps like the one below:

You can also represent your network device in multiple diagram views too!

“Multiple diagram views…what do you mean?”

You can actually see your network devices not only on a network map, but also, in a rack elevation inside a data center room.

Got cloud and virtual infrastructure too? netTerrain offers connectors to AWS (we can even help manage your costs too), Azure, GCP is coming soon!), and VMWare vCenter. Click here to learn more.

You could almost call us an Adapter Collector or a Visual CMDB that can virtually connect to many disparate systems and see your infrastructure in one, centralized repository to view, document, and manage your network.

Bottomline: if network headaches and limited visibility are a problem and you’re sick of relying on outdated diagrams or spreadsheets to try and navigate your ever-growing networks— software like netTerrain is game-changing. Automated network mapping discovers your infrastructure and turns out the up-to-date topology maps and asset reports you need — saving you valuable time and eliminating data entry.

About Fred Koh

As a seasoned sales executive, Fred Koh serves as Director of Sales and is responsible for Graphical Networks sales and channel partner program, marketing strategy, and operations.