modern data centerData center management is a concern for many organizations, especially when the need for cost effective, greener options compete with space allocations, location needs, and overall costs. One method that is gaining popularity in helping businesses deal with these needs is DCIM, or Data Center Infrastructure Management.

A recent Gartner research report indicated that the integration of DCIM will grow by 60% by 2017. This provides a clear insight into the importance of proper data center management. However, do you know how DCIM can help your business? If not, don’t worry, you are certainly not alone. Below you will find the key benefits provided by including fully integrated DCIM software in all aspects of data center management.

Proper Design

When setting up and designing your data center, there is a variety of information that needs to go into the planning process. DCIM allows you to see the information you need to ensure the proper placement and allocation for all server racks, including:

  • Power Levels
  • Cooling Requirements
  • Network Data

Understanding these key pieces of information will allow you to design an efficient, well-planned data infrastructure that will decrease shutdown risks and optimize resources.

Reliable Operation

DCIM software monitors and enforces consistence in operating processes. When these processes are working at their full potential, your data center will be less susceptible to operator errors. As these errors are responsible for nearly 80% of all outages, this software ensures that your servers are working when they need to be.

Monitoring of Key Areas

Your data center relies on proper conditions at operation, resource, and environmental levels to work properly. DCIM monitors each of these to ensure that operating and environmental thresholds are not exceeded. If this happens, the software provides you with the relevant information required for making any necessary changes.

Performance Analysis

DCIM uses monitoring information to help you determine areas that may need upgrading to work at full capacity. This includes resource, cooling, and power tracking to provide intelligent, on time information when a potential problem exists.

Optimal Planning

Over time, you will need to make changes to your data center to keep up with business demands. DCIM helps facilitate planning by providing you with the tools needed to determine the affects of adding or moving equipment, the potential results of virtualization and refreshes, and the outcomes of possible changes. All of this information allows you to form a complete picture of your data center in easy to use and understand information.

As you can see, DCIM is an important part of any data center management project. Information is key for making the right decisions, and this software ensures that you have everything you need to keep your center up and running at its full potential. If you are ready to see how Graphical Networks netTerrain DCIM will benefit your organization, contact us today.

About Jan Durnhofer

As CEO / Product and Engineering Manager, Jan joined Graphical Networks with the purpose of creating the most advanced DCIM and IT visualization company in the market.