cables in a data centerModern data centers have always faced problems of inefficiency, especially as they get larger, adding more and higher capacity hardware. Virtualization has further complicated these problems by adding layers of dynamic environment within a complex computational structure. The inefficiency means wasted capacity, even causing apparent lack of availability when in fact there is plenty. There may be problems with increased power consumption or even excess heat build up in the server racks and areas of the center.

In 2010 The Gartner report began the call for “intelligent capacity planning.” This led to the development of DCIM systems to monitor and manage complete data center operations. With complete DCIM systems installed, data center managers will be able to monitor all aspects of data flow and capacity as well as the physical state of the entire data center infrastructure.

DCIM systems, such as netTerrain, are multi-layered installations that include sensor systems, power management systems, analytic systems all graphically monitored. When these systems are installed the system managers can see everything laid out functionally or spatially to locate individual servers, individual rack locations and examine the way each element is functioning and contributing to the network in real time.

DCIM systems can benchmark current power consumption through real-time feeds, employing equipment ratings. The system can model the effects of conservation alternatives on the system’s power usage and efficiency before commitments are made to making hardware or software changes. They can answer the question of energy efficiency, how much effect would lower energy use have on system operations? How would operation at higher density affect energy use? DCIM components can be used to maximize ventilation and airflow in the data center and monitor the effects of heat transfer.

Traditional approaches to managing data centers have not been suited to the demands of cloud computing and virtualization. The documentation has never been adequate to trouble shoot in these environments. Systematic DCIM is essential in a cloud computer environment. Traditional data center monitoring systems lack the functionality to evaluate interdependent systems and their physical infrastructure.

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