Is your network getting too big to manage with your existing spreadsheets and manual diagrams? Want to know if there’s something called a network diagram generator that can go out and create a network map of my IT equipment so you don’t have to guess if your spreadsheets were last updated or how old and accurate are your Visio diagrams? Can you avoid wasting time trying to search which diagram or spreadsheet this one router is in?

It sure would be a whole lot easier if you could search for an IP address just once, and it could show you the device immediately, right?! Well, you know what, you do have an option to discover what’s in your network and how are the devices connected… with network documentation software like netTerrain Logical, for example. What’s that?

Yes, There is a Network Diagram Generator….

netTerrain Logical is the foundation of our IT documentation and visualization platform netTerrain. You can create as many diagrams as you like and use it as a drawing board, too. netTerrain Logical can be used as SaaS ((check it out here)) as well as on-premises install (requires Windows Server and MS SQL Server database). Meaning, all your data is contained in one central repository, making searches a breeze! Need to find and locate a device based on a data field, like an IP address?

A Network Diagram Generator That’s Easy to Use

Presto, you will see the search results and you can see the result inside the map. You can create users and groups, so your staff can view the same diagrams and can also collaborate amongst your teams too. What comes standard with netTerrain is the netTerrain Collector (doesn’t cost extra). Please see my recent posts about our Collector and how it can import data from existing data sources like Remedy, Service Now (SNOW), Solarwinds Orion, PRTG, and many others. The netTerrain Collector also houses our network discovery, using primarily SNMP and can use SSH and WMI protocols to go out to your network, provided the IP subnet addresses listed in the Collector, check if you need to discover L2, L3, and VLAN network discovery, press scan and after it has finished push the data into netTerrain.

A Network Diagram Generator That’s Comprehensive

In the network map, you will see a network map of your devices and connections. You can move your devices around, make them bigger, smaller, and change the page size. You can also create network rack diagrams, too!

Generate Network Diagrams in Clicks!

A Network Diagram Generator That Connects to Your Other Apps & Databases

netTerrain is not a network monitoring solution yet but that is coming in the not-so-distant future! So, if you need bandwidth utilization, network flows, and throughput, look for tools like SolarWinds or NetBrain. If you need an as-built, real-time picture of your network and its connections to help you troubleshoot, plan, and manage your network, netTerrain Logical may be the right tool for you.

A Network Diagram Generator That Comes with a Free Trial

In sum: yep, there is such a thing as a network diagram generator! It’s software like netTerrain. For a quick one-minute video of our network discovery, please click this link and click on Watch Video. To try it yourself online, register and try netTerrain for 14 days here. Note: you will need to download the Collector under Help -> Utilities.

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