Introduction: What is IT asset management (ITAM) and why you need it

IT asset management (ITAM) is important because it assists organizations in managing their IT assets throughout their entire life cycle, including acquisition, maintenance, and eventual decommissioning. This ensures efficient resource allocation and effective utilization of assets.

If you have headaches related to efficiency, not knowing what you have (and where it all is), difficulty planning for builds or expansions, trouble balancing availability with costs, etc — ITAM makes it easy to solve them.

Keep your IT assets in check: how ITAM helps your business

ITAM can significantly reduce costs for your organization. How?

It gives you a complete picture of all of your IT assets, you can determine unnecessary asset purchases. With ITAM in place, for example, it’s easy to answer questions like, “do we really need another new piece of network equipment or can we make due with our current resources?” You can effectively and efficiently cut software licensing and support costs, armed with knowledge from your ITAM solution.

Example: Assets Dashboard in netTerrain DCIM

Our DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solution, netTerrain, can help discover the hardware, software and network assets across your enterprise, through network discovery, and show these assets in a web diagram that is accessed centrally for your organization to use.

If many of your IT assets are captured through a service desk tool, like ServiceNow or Remedy, netTerrain’s built-in Collector will capture this information and tie it into your service desk tickets.

Example: Connecting to ServiceNow is Easy with netTerrain DCIM

All of your information is stored centrally so you can locate your assets with all of the detailed information about the asset (information like hardware, software, applications, cost, warranty/maintenance expiration dates, and you can add any metadata) for any device in netTerrain that you need to keep track of.

With netTerrain, you can easily discover and track your IT hardware assets, utilize our spreadsheet import or pre-built API connectors, and/or WMI discovery to track your software assets, and with our new Cloud discovery and monitoring feature, netTerrain can support managing your cloud asset services from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

netTerrain isn’t just used to track data center and telecom rooms assets! You can use it to document all of your other fixed assets, like printers, workstations, temperature sensors, and even cameras too.

Examples: Get detailed information, such as maintenance, in clicks.

So…why netTerrain for ITAM?

netTerrain makes IT asset management (ITAM) easy with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive visualization capabilities:

  • Visualize your entire IT landscape with netTerrain
  • Get up-to-date, accurate diagrams (embedded with info you need) in just a few clicks
  • Customize the software to fit your specific needs
  • Integrate easily into your existing IT infrastructure
  • Choose from a range of pricing & licensing options to fit your budget
  • Get expert-level support right away

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In conclusion, IT asset management (ITAM) is essential for organizations to effectively manage their IT resources and minimize costs. With a comprehensive ITAM solution like netTerrain, businesses can easily discover and track their IT assets, including hardware, software, and cloud services. netTerrain offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive visualization capabilities, and customizable options to tailor to specific needs. Plus, with a range of pricing options and expert-level support, netTerrain is an ideal solution for organizations looking to streamline their ITAM processes and increase their overall business value. So, if you’re looking to keep your IT assets in check, consider netTerrain for your ITAM needs: click here for a free 14-day trial.

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