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What’s the hands-down most important part of documenting the network? What you listen to. Sorry, you can’t document the network while watching Youtube cat videos….that’s a big no-no. You’ll end up with a fur ball network diagram (oh, I’m too funny — someone get me a job as a comedian).

Seriously, though: what to listen to is an important question that deserves a well-considered response. In my opinion…what you listen to depends upon where you are in the project: you need different music for different parts of the network documentation process….

1. What to Listen to When You’re Deciding What to Document

Deciding what to document in your vast network goes best with some light background music so that you can really focus and get those brain cells churning.


Rush’s 2112
Float On by Modest Mouse
Orbital’s Middle of Nowhere album
Daft Punk’s Discovery album
A night at the Opera by Queen and various 80’s tunes (just…no yacht rock, and please, no ToTo).

2. What to Listen to While You’re Collecting Data

What about the data? When I need to collect data, or work some spreadsheets, I turn to hard-driving tunes because it’s time to zone out and get lost in the work. Let’s face it: collecting data is a little boring and monotonous…so get the hammer out: it’s time for something heavy to mix things up.


If prog is your thing, The Mars Volta’s ‘Deloused’ and Dream Theater’s ‘Pull Me Under’ both capture the feeling of data collection pretty well.

More into old school heavy metal?
Iron Maiden’s Killers
Judas Priest’s Point of Entry
Metallica’s Ride the Lightning ( or really, anything before black).

And, if you need to mix things up, you can’t go wrong with some ‘80s hip-hop.
For that, you can’t go wrong with some Erik B. and Rakim or Slick Rick.

3. What to Listen to While You’re Diagramming

When it’s time to diagram, I need all my focus: so, I usually lower the music a little so I can shift back into thinking-mode.


The OK, Computer album by Radiohead or some Pixies…pick an album.
Kraftwerk’s Computer World album (extra points for math rock),
… and, of course, The Neverending Story soundtrack…because, let’s be honest: documenting the network truly is the neverending story — irl, as the kids say.

Maybe I’m aging myself with these recommendations, but I can’t really handle most of the newer stuff…ah, kids these days! To sum up….you can’t do a good job documenting the network without listening to some good music.

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