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Monthly Support Newsletter

November, 2016

It's through your questions and suggestions that netTerrain gets even better with each new release: thank you for being an active part of the netTerrain community!

Question of the Month

netTerrain user Sarah P. asks, "How can I automatically discover objects for my netTerrain project? I'd like this to update automatically."


Good question: outside of magic, what do you do? When it comes to netTerrain, there is some built-in magic in every release. It’s called the Integration Toolkit (ITK) - or what I call the “Automation” Toolkit. Why? Its primary purpose is to help you bring in and update information in your netTerrain project automatically.

With the ITK, you can:

  • discover your devices via SNMP including Layer 2 and 3 links
  • connect to a Windows machine via WMI and bring back the configuration information from your Windows devices and the installed software
  • automatically bring data into netTerrain from other systems that you already have

For instance, say you have an asset management system where all the asset information from your company is stored and updated. How about netTerrain automatically creating all the network devices by simply connecting to this asset management system? Then it updates the device information on a regular basis if information happens to change.

The netTerrain integration toolkit lets you schedule automatic updates and even automatic creation of devices based on newly discovered information. The ITK is easy: it’s installed wherever your netTerrain application is installed and running. If you want to learn more about the netTerrain Integration Toolkit, just contact us at support and we can help you get started using it.

Video of the Month

Get a sneak peek of the upcoming netTerrain 6.7 - and find out how to bundle links with this step-by-step video.

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Survey of the Month

This month, we're looking at overall customer satisfaction. We have just a few questions for you to answer.

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Hannah Ash
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