Another release, another step closer to documentation nirvana: welcome to netTerrain 9.1. 9.1 marks the second incarnation of the 9.0 series (aka “Europe” as you’ve probably noted in the guide covers that feature striking images from the continent).

With netTerrain 9.1, we worked on the usual run of new features, small fixes, and improvements, with many tickets related to the Collector, including major Layer 2, CDP, & LLDP link discovery improvements.

Below is a bulleted list of the larger items which, if you’re a current 9.0 user, may be relevant:

Major netTerrain enhancements

  • New Re-splicing feature for outside plant
  • Per-strand splicing
  • New API for label printer extensions
  • QR and barcode reader for mobile app
  • Major upgrades, improvements, and look and feel for DCIM’s included Environmental Monitoring module

Minor netTerrain enhancements

  • Ability distinguish API/collector changes in audit from manual ones
  • ACRA: ability to use existing cables for patching
  • Support for feet in map coordinates
  • Edge to edge circuit creation support for unspliced fiber cables
  • Overall usability and design improvements
  • New feature that lets you copy and paste pictures straight into netTerrain as images or types
  • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements

Collector enhancements

  • Major Layer 2, CDP & LLDP link discovery improvements
  • Resize discovered devices to fit diagram page size
  • ServiceNow connector improvements
  • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements

For a full list of improvements, please refer to the 9.1 release notes (available for any customer currently under maintenance). For a list of feature improvements related to version 9.0 or older, you may have to dig up the corresponding newsletters and release notes provided on our website (or just ask us).

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As Graphical Networks’ Sales Engineering and Support Services Manager, Jason Sherman leads the pre and post sales cycle with the entire Graphical Networks software portfolio, and ensures current customers are able to use the software to its fullest potential.