outside plant infrastructure showing connections in a city
netTerrain 6.6 Has Arrived: Outside Plant is Here!

Summer is finally here and all of us at Graphical Networks hope the season brings you lots of warm memories – and efficient data center cooling, of course! It was a productive and busy spring season for our team, and we’re excited to give you an update on what we’ve been up to!

netTerrain OSP & 6.6: Houston, We Have Lift Off
Thanks to netTerrain’s active community of customers and users, our software is a continually evolving one. We listen to feedback and we strive to deliver. We are proud of netTerrain 6.6, as it not only offers the outside plant module our customers have asked for, but includes these new features as well:

  • New .PDF export of diagrams with the addition of Client-based PowerPoint and Visio exports
  • Improved Integration toolkit and APIs: updated network engine with SNMP Layer 2/3 discovery, WMI for accessing management information, and new RESTful API and SOAP API enhancements
  • A Spanish language option

Of course, the biggest change is the addition of our outside plant module – which is available for an additional fee with any netTerrain license. Check out some of the main features:

Dynamic Maps
Maps — which include postal codes, street names, towns, suburbs, state/region, and latitude/longitude information — are available worldwide and are updated daily. Users can now manage both the inside and outside plant.

Outside Plant Element
Place, view and search with precision any OSP elements, including: manholes, conduits, towers, fiber trunks, buffers, splices, splitters and any custom object you’d like. Hierarchically map all OSP elements according to your own layers (such as strands in buffers in ducts in conduits, or connection points with splitters with manholes, etc). Manage towers, antennas, radio equipment, wireless connections and more.

Transport Layer Management
Discover and visualize any network and transport technology. Create Fiber, Wireless and SONET/SDH/PDH topology rings and map each device back to its physical location. Create layer 1 and 2 circuits according to the specific Fiber, Ethernet or SONET/SDH/PDH hierarchy with unlimited bundling (nesting) of circuits of lower order with circuits of higher order.

Need to Upgrade?
If you’re still on 6 or older, scheduling your upgrade is as easy as starting a ticket in the portal (or calling +1-240-912-6223/emailing us). We look forward to getting your feedback on 6.6 so that, with your help, we can continue to craft the most flexible IT visualization software on the market today.

Ready for a Demo?
Want to learn more about netTerrain DCIMnetTerrain Logical or netTerrain OSP ? We’re happy to show you around. Give us a call at +1-240-912-6223, email or fill out this form and we’ll set something up at a time that works for you.