Graphical Networks to Host First Annual Users Meeting

Graphical Networks, a leading global provider of IT visualization solutions for data center (DCIM), outside plant, and logical network documentation, has announced its first annual users meeting May 14th – 15th, to be held near the Graphical Networks headquarters at the William F. Bolger Center in Potomac, MD.

The purpose of the inaugural netTerrain Users Meeting, which is free-of-charge to netTerrain users, is to create a forum in which netTerrain users (more than 10,000 users currently use netTerrain for their IT documentation needs) can discuss their documentation projects, share experiences of working with netTerrain, problem solve challenges — and propose new features that will make documentation projects easier. The meeting will have features of interest to everyone, from netTerrain newbies to seasoned veterans.

“Our number one goal with this meeting is to bring together our large community of netTerrain users to share their experiences in IT documentation and in using netTerrain,” comments Graphical Networks president Fred Koh, “In doing so, this meeting will help ensure the netTerrain roadmap continues to respond directly to users needs while also introducing our users to a network with whom they can collaborate, share ideas, and solve challenges.”

Over the course of two days, netTerrain users will have time to network with similarly situated IT professionals, directly influence the netTerrain roadmap, learn about the new beta program, and earn free netTerrain certifications of their choosing.

Fred Koh
Fred Koh
As a seasoned sales executive, Fred Koh serves as Director of Sales and is responsible for Graphical Networks sales and channel partner program, marketing strategy, and operations.

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