Do you work on OSP (outside plant) / fiber plant networks? If you do, hats off to you: your job is tough. Are you stuck using […]

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Do you work on OSP (outside plant) / fiber plant networks? If you do, hats off to you: your job is tough. Are you stuck using […]

Do you work on OSP (outside plant) / fiber plant networks? If you do, hats off to you: your job is tough. Are you stuck using spreadsheets and Google Earth customizations to manage but your fiber’s outgrowing it? Do visions of damage from backhoes keep you up at night? Under pressure to manage fiber capacity better….but you don’t have the visibility you need to do much about it?

If any of this sounds familiar, there is a light so keep reading…

Why Are You Stuck Using Spreadsheets/Google Earth to Manage Your OSP Network?

We make netTerrain OSP. netTerrain OSP is IT documentation software that helps OSP professionals like you to access your entire OSP network from your web browser. No more capacity headaches and no more spending hours to do work that netTerrain can help you do in just five minutes.

You probably haven’t heard of netTerrain yet, although we do have hundreds of companies that are happily using netTerrain to tackle big headaches. Graphical Networks was founded in 2007 (click here for a sample list of our customers: ). If so many companies out there are currently using netTerrain for fiber plant management (the OSP Module was launched in 2017), why haven’t you heard of it yet?

It’s simple: before netTerrain OSP, there weren’t too many software companies that did OSP software. They were mainly part of larger OSS/BSS type software programs or GIS programs, which have their own limitations when it comes to documenting the different layers in an OSP network (such as showing fiber splices, adding additional information, and doing automatic circuit paths).

The result? Professionals like you were forced to skip OSP network documentation, use overly complicated and expensive solutions that didn’t quite get the job done, or try to get it done with spreadsheets and Google Earth. Most folks out there aren’t searching for a solution like netTerrain because, quite frankly, they don’t know software like this even exists.

So, What the Heck is netTerrain OSP?

In a nutshell: what is netTerrain OSP and how can it help you manage your OSP network?

netTerrain’s a better way to manage your cabling infrastructure from inside the building (data center rooms, telecom rooms, office space) to outside plant, helping organizations to manage its fiber, copper, ethernet cabling. netTerrain lets you visualize everything in your OSP network, from the street, to the fiber duct, the fiber strands connecting to the port of a LIU.

Example of a Map View in netTerrain OSP

netTerrain OSP offers a centralized platform for tracking fiber and copper cabling, handholes, manholes, buildings, and so on. No more digging around searching for information or flipping through spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Even better? You can even have your team use and view the same documentation in a collaborative manner.
netTerrain prices start at under $1,000 for a smaller project (less than 500 devices (like patch panels, fiber enclosures, splitters, manholes, etc.) and if you have more than 40,000 devices, we offer an unlimited object tier.

If you’d like to learn more about netTerrain OSP, or even get a 14-day free trial (no credit card info required), click here to get started.

Fred Koh
Fred Koh
As a seasoned sales executive, Fred Koh serves as Director of Sales and is responsible for Graphical Networks sales and channel partner program, marketing strategy, and operations.

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