From industry giants to small businesses, netTerrain has been trusted by more than 500 organizations as a trusted software solution since it first was released back in 2009. We’re proud that so many of our customers, the majority of them in fact, continue to renew their plans because netTerrain has given them that much value and proud that 98% of our users consistently say they’d recommend netTerrain to a colleague. Learn more about the companies using netTerrain.

Software Maintenance: What is It?

What do I mean by, “renew”? At Graphical Networks, we offer a lifetime license with an option for a maintenance package post the first year, which includes support and new releases of netTerrain. More recently, we have extended our licensing options to a yearly subscription, covering both our on-premises solution and netTerrain SaaS. The yearly subscription fee also covers software maintenance, ensuring you access to our latest versions and reliable customer support.

What’s Included in Maintenance?

New Releases: Great Software That Keeps Getting Better

Our maintenance plan ensures you have access to the latest versions of netTerrain: w’ere constantly striving to make netTerrain even better and more streamlined for your work. In just the last two years, we’ve released four new releases and we’re set to release version 9.7 this summer. We’re planning for the launch of version 10.0 next year. Check out our release announcements to stay updated with our latest versions.

Scripting & Reporting Services: Maximizing Your Time

Our Annual Maintenance Plan also includes scripting and reporting services. From crafting custom table views and dashboard widgets to generating complex reports, we handle all tasks to let you focus on running your business.

Catalog Modeling: A Custom Fit in Clicks

Our Catalog Modeling services assist with custom modeling of catalog items, devices, and more. We can also sync netTerrain with any commercial third-party product at no extra cost. Simply make a modeling request through our support portal, and we’ll handle the rest.

Customer Support: Here for You

Our Customer Support is available through our Zendesk portal: Here, you can open a ticket, request a new feature, access online User Guides, join our online community, or request a new device model for your netTerrain catalog. And yes, we provide live support from our team of actual experts at our headquarters here in Maryland — just call us at 240-912-6223, extension 102, weekdays from 9AM – 5PM EDT.

Customer-Driven Software: Our Users Matter

We highly value our customers’ feedback and suggestions. We believe that the best software comes from understanding users’ needs. As part of our commitment to ongoing feedback and improvement, we actually reward users with points for our lootbox when they share their ideas for how to make netTerrain better or easier or more applicable to their work. Our Customer Advisory Board plays a crucial role in driving netTerrain improvements and exploring new growth opportunities. Our CEO meets with the board twice a year to understand the pulse of our customers. Discover more about our customer-driven approach in our features request blog.

Conclusion: Successful Users, Successful Software

At Graphical Networks, we believe in growing with our customers.Our customers’ success is our success. By choosing netTerrain, you’re not only adopting a reliable software solution but joining a community that listens, improves, and innovates with your input. Here’s to making your journey with netTerrain as close to IT enlightenment as possible!

About Fred Koh

As a seasoned sales executive, Fred Koh serves as Director of Sales and is responsible for Graphical Networks sales and channel partner program, marketing strategy, and operations.