L2 network topology

As the marketing communications specialist for Graphical Networks, I’m proud of the comprehensive support portal our company offers clients. From software updates to feature requests, custom modeling and lightening fast response rates, our clients receive the best support available today.

Graphical Networks is one of the leading providers of network documentation solutions today, and as such, we firmly believe in the power of graphics and visual aids. In line with this, we employ videos to deliver our clients top-notch visual guides that help them maximize the power of our network documentation and DCIM tools. Clients with a question can use our portal ticket system to get a speedy response from our support team – and while they wait, they can check out the many video guides available that may just solve their questions right away.

There’s no better way, in our opinion, to learn how to use our visualization tools to their fullest than to see them in action. Check out this overview video we recently posted for prospective clients. It shows you the portals in netTerrain, how to power-up reports to impress the big bosses, the catalog in which you define nodes, links and other metadata – and so much more.

Our DCIM video, presented by Sales Engineering and Support Services Manager Jason Sherman, gives you a basic idea of just how the netTerrain data center infrastructure management solution works in your browser (that’s right: no fat clients and no plug-ins).

Our netTerrain Logical video showcases fundamentals we love about our tool: diagrams, nodes and links – as well as the customizable set of properties that come with each. This video clearly demonstrates how our network documentation solution brings unprecedented level of detail to vendor-specific catalog items.


For those interested in our Integration Toolkit, which allows netTerrain users to use their existing monitoring and management systems to populate and update DCIM and logical network documentation, we offer a video that shows off  the ITK highlights.



The above videos are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we offer for visual support.
When evaluating a potential network documentation or DCIM provider, it’s a good question to ask a potential vendor, “what video supports and guides do you offer?” Probe a little: make sure the vendor offers video aids both for  prospective clients and to support ongoing clients.

Cool GN Fact:
One thing about our videos: they rock. Our CEO, Jan Durnhofer, is also a talented DJ by night. In the first video we shared on this page, which gives you a good introduction to the world of netTerrain, Jan spins some tunes that kicks your standard product demo into overdrive.