Are you a raving netTerrain fan or developer? If so, keep reading: Graphical Networks now offers a Lootbox program that rewards you for going above and beyond what a regular netTerrain user does.

It’s a win-win for you and our team. Afterall, your contributions help shape the future of netTerrain (DCIM, Logical, OSP) and our company — and, if you’re achieving greatness in netTerrain, why not earn something for your efforts? We want to reward users like you.

Cool Stuff You Can Earn

So, what can you earn with the Lootbox program? Anything from Graphical Networks merchandise (such as hoodies and shirts) to iPhones, laptops, gift cards, and even license upgrades!

Check out a list of cool stuff you can earn here.

Score a branded laptop sleeve for just 140 points — hint — it’s easy: writing an online review earns you 200 points!

Ways to Earn Points

Some of the things you already do as a netTerrain user may qualify for points. Any of the following activities, for example, will earn you some lootbox points: propose a new feature, report a bug, or upload a new catalog model. If you’re a developer, you can earn points for contributions such as sharing your dashboard design, submit an expression/report, or contribute an API module.

Other ways to earn points include: refer netTerrain to a colleague, write an online netTerrain review, contribute a case study, or even submit a netTerrain diagram you’ve made.

Explore the complete list of opportunities for earning points here.

Get Credit for Lootbox Points

To earn points, just choose your category and log into Zendesk to create a ticket. Once your work’s accepted, your points are added to your Lootbox earned points tally.

Redeem Lootbox Points for Cool Stuff

Have you scored some points and you’re ready to go cash them in? That’s easy: navigate to the redemption page, decide what you want, click “Redeem”, and you’ll then be prompted to open a Zendesk ticket. Once we’ve processed your ticket, your stuff will be shipped (or digitally delivered) right to you.

To sum up, our Lootbox program is designed to thank and reward netTerrain users like you for the contributions you make to the software and our community.

See the full Lootbox site here — find ways to earn points and see all the rewards for which you can earn points. If you have any questions about the program, let us know: you can email our team here or open a Zendesk ticket.

About Jan Durnhofer

As CEO / Product and Engineering Manager, Jan joined Graphical Networks with the purpose of creating the most advanced DCIM and IT visualization company in the market.