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Gain visibility of data center performance with netTerrain DCIM & 6SigmaDCX.

GAITHERSBURG, MD — The Green Grid has defined data center performance in terms of a Performance Indicator – the combination of efficiency and resilience.

netTerrain DCIM users who want to baseline data center performance or quantify the performance impact of operational plans can now do so thanks to a new integration. 6SigmaDCX –an Engineering Simulation solution from Future Facilities, the #1 provider of Engineering Simulation software for data centers – is now able to access netTerrain DCIM asset data in real-time. netTerrain and 6SigmaDCX together enable performance-based operational planning and the ability to adapt operational plans to changing IT requirements.

This integration allows users to leverage data from netTerrain for performance calculations and avoid the hassle of duplicating efforts.

How the netTerrain 6SigmaDCX Integration Works

  • 1.6Sigma uses netTerrain’s API to access current data.
  • 2.6SigmaGateway pulls this data from netTerrain DCIM, saving it.
  • 3.6SigmaGateway synchronizes with a Virtual Facility model in 6SigmaFM, the DCX suite’s operational planning tool.
  • 4.6SigmaGateway updates the 6SigmaFM facility model with the new data from netTerrain. You can then run simulations to visualize your facility’s current airflow and find areas for improvement, or model future deployment plans and simulate their impact in your real-world facility.
Discover and monitor a wide range of netTerrain data:
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Room Cabinet
Name Temperature
 IT equipment
Manufacturer • model • height • width • weight •
unique ID • IP address • owner cabinet • cabinet slot•
chassis slot • nameplate power • installation status•
equipment type (enclosures only)
Manufacturer • model • unique ID • height • width • weight