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We’re well into 2015 by now, and it’s been a great year for Graphical Networks. We are pleased to announce that the newest version of netTerrain has been released:details are below. We are also planning to make an appearance at the upcoming Data Center World – it’s taking place right on our stomping grounds here in Maryland!

netTerrain 6.5: Coming to a Screen Near You!


netTerrain 6.5 has been released. We listened to your feedback and we delivered:
get ready for a new dashboard and reporting engine, GPS-aware background images,new localization features, enhanced usability, an improved integration toolkit and much, much more.

What’s new in 6.5?

Visualization and Core Features
New dashboard and reporting engine, including a business intelligence design tool for customization.

GPS-aware Background Images
Introducing GPS-aware background images. Now you can store coordinate systems for any background, find the distance between two nodes, obtain the length for a link, automatically place a node on a city based on lat/long values and more.

Many new localization features – such as being able to localize the netTerrain web
interface to any language. Open a localization wizard to change any localizable items to your liking.

Link Bundling
We’ve introduced a new option to bundle links (for example for fiber bundles, tray management and other features).


  • Flag any field in the catalog as unique (preventing repeated values during manual data entry).
  • New option that prevents cable connections between ports of different connector types.
  • New alignment options for nodes include the ability to align left, right, top
    and bottom.
  • We’ve also introduced a New Insert Node, Device and Rack right click context menu

ITK Improvements

  • SNMPv3 support for network discovery tasks.
  • Ability to clone a connector.
  • Support for PostgreSQL based data sources.


  • New catalog import button (also imports types in bulk).
  • Visio and Powerpoint export supports exporting sub-diagrams (and other import/export improvements).
  • Excel bulk-import now allows rack positioning.
  • Ability to automatically name links upon creation using a number of business rules.

As always, netTerrain is an evolving software. Keep those suggestions and feature requests coming! If you are still on version 6 or older, shoot us an email or call for an upgrade. As always, you can enter a portal ticket to schedule the upgrade or address any other issue you may have.

Let’s Get You netTerrain Certified

With netTerrain training, you can impact your organization in powerful ways:

  • Greater control over the bottom line
  • Team performance increases
  • Documentation and project management efficiencies improve
  • Greater confidence from supervisors and colleagues
  • Knowledge of netTerrain’s full feature set: in many cases there are functions that the user doesn’t know and certification provides ways to operate faster and more efficiently

We have upcoming dates in December. Click here to learn more. We offer classroom-based training in our headquarters in Gaithersburg, MD.Call us at +1-240-912-6223 or contact us at support@graphicalnetworks.com to schedule your next training and certification!

Upcoming Event: GN @ National Harbor AFCOM Data Center World

Graphical Networks will exhibit at the upcoming AFCOM’s Data Center World Global
Conference from September 21 to September 22 2015 at the Gaylord National Resort
& Convention Center in National Harbor, MD.


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