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New document analyzes current problems in business network documentation; explains how company’s flagship product helps overcome those obstacles.

Today’s businesses are rife with complex, unconnected technologies that threaten to hurt their performance and, worse, their profits. In its recently published white paper, titled “White Paper on netTerrain, An Automated Documentation Tool,” Graphical Networks takes an in-depth look at the problems caused by the continued use of these outdated, unconnected technologies and offers solutions through its leading IT visualization solution, netTerrain.

First, let’s look at the current situation facing many businesses.

Even in a modest corporate network, there are thousands of IT related objects and relationships that must be tracked, traced, and accounted for. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For most businesses, the situation is far more complicated.

Take, for example, the typical corporation’s IT network. Not withstanding the actual equipment that makes up this network, there are workflows required to upgrade, replace, or fix that equipment. There is a procurement system that is responsible for ordering new equipment and storing the date of purchase and cost. There is even another system, often housed within human resources, that assigns that new equipment to specific offices and employees.

Making the situation even worse is the convoluted infrastructures, separate databases, and outdated data architecture environments currently in place at many of these organizations, which regularly result in increased troubleshooting time, mismanagement of IT assets, and decreased employee productivity.

Traditional diagram tools currently available in the market often depict these systems in flat, unconnected illustrations, and are not well integrated with other existing spreadsheets and databases. While information might change, these diagrams do not. The result is unconnected, flat, and empty drawings that attempt to represent the individual pieces of a single, integrated complex system of interconnected components.

netTerrain, on the other hand, is a comprehensive enterprise IT visualization tool.

After implementing netTerrain, organizations are better able to manage their complex IT systems, as this innovative web-based platform assists with:

  • Making complex system data easier to understand by merging graphics and data.
  • Allowing for easy visualization of complex relationships across a large system.

Where others fail, netTerrain succeeds — creating a hierarchical, “visual” database of almost any information-rich system. Designed to easily handle large amounts of complicated, interconnected information, netTerrain takes data and presents it to the user as it exists in the real world: graphically, dynamically, and with relationships that are easy to see and understand.

netTerrain products are currently used by government, educational, and corporate institutions around the world to graphically portray complicated IT systems. We invite you to learn more about this unique software. Download the white paper today.

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As CEO / Product and Engineering Manager, Jan joined Graphical Networks with the purpose of creating the most advanced DCIM and IT visualization company in the market.