Slide netTerrain Certifications are a win-win for you and your team. Proper training and certifications allows professionals to leverage netTerrain to its fullest. Certification, and the training that goes into it, shows professionals how to avoid common mistakes, how to get projects deployed faster and how to reap a stronger return on investment from the software. Explore Courses Sign Up

Slide Certified professionals are able to impact their organizations in powerful ways: The netTerrain certified professional’s skill set has gone through our formal validation process, ensuring the appropriate methods and processes are being used to manage and document netTerrain projects. Browse Courses 1 Financial netTerrain certifications give you more control over your company’s bottom line: put the software fully to use and see even greater ROI. 2 Performance When a team member is certified, overall team performance is improved. Supervisors and colleagues have more confidence in the team -- and the insights they deliver. 3 Efficiency Documentation and project management efficiencies improve through knowledge of netTerrain’s full feature set. In many cases there are functions that the user doesn’t know and certification provides users with powerful ways to operate faster and more efficiently.

Slide What do you want to learn? Basics (End User) Course gives end users mastery in using the software -- from GUI basics to working with racks and sub-components. 1 day course, 6 hours. Course Description Advanced (Power User) Modify any data while managing catalog settings & their associated object types.1 day course, 6 hours.
Course Description
Collector Put netTerrain's Collector to work for you with this in-depth training. 1 day course, 6 hours.
Description Coming Soon
Outside Plant Document outside plant objects & utilize netTerrain's dynamic maps, including map-based objects, conduits, circuits & strands. 1 day course, 6 hours. Course Description API Learn to query the netTerrain database and create or manage reports, scripts and dashboards. 1 day course, 6 hours.
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