I have to admit it: many of us at Graphical Networks have been drawn into using ChatGPT for various purposes and, as a software company with a couple tentacles into AI (watch out for AI-based device modeling coming at some point), we’ve looked at this craze closely.

Since I’d like to think I know netTerrain pretty well, I thought it could be an interesting exercise to ask ChatGPT the following: “write me an essay of 400 words about Graphical Networks’ netTerrain”.

Looking at the result, and assessing against what I’d certainly hope is my more intimate knowledge of the product, perhaps it could give me a glimpse into how good ChatGPT assesses other products and I must say I was positively impressed.

First off, ChatGPT gave the essay the following title:

“Exploring Graphical Networks’ netTerrain: Unleashing the Power of Visual Network Documentation”.

I must say — pretty good title!

Here’s the rest of the essay that ChatGPT spit out:

Introduction: netTerrain

In today’s interconnected world, efficient network management and documentation play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and troubleshooting. Graphical Networks’ netTerrain emerges as a robust solution, providing a comprehensive platform for visualizing, documenting, and managing complex networks. With its intuitive graphical interface and an array of powerful features, netTerrain offers organizations the ability to enhance their network visibility, streamline maintenance procedures, and improve overall productivity.

Unleashing Network Visualization

netTerrain’s greatest strength lies in its ability to provide an immersive and dynamic visualization of network infrastructure. By rendering network diagrams, floor plans, data center rack diagrams and layouts, and cable connections in a graphical format, netTerrain empowers network administrators to gain a clear and holistic understanding of their infrastructure.

This visual representation enables them to identify bottlenecks, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and make informed decisions to optimize network performance. Moreover, netTerrain’s interactive interface allows users to navigate and interact with the visualized network, facilitating quick access to crucial details and fostering a deeper understanding of the network’s intricacies.

Comprehensive Network Documentation

Beyond visualizing the network, netTerrain excels in creating comprehensive network documentation that goes beyond static diagrams. The software allows users to document devices, network assets, IP addresses, and their interconnections with utmost detail. This level of documentation not only aids in troubleshooting and maintenance but also proves invaluable during audits and compliance checks. netTerrain’s centralized repository stores all pertinent information, making it easily accessible to authorized personnel. With features such as custom fields, tags, and powerful search capabilities, finding specific information becomes effortless, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

While we’re at it, here’s a ChatGPT visual rendering of what software like netTerrain does

Efficient Change Management and Collaboration

Managing network changes and collaborating with team members can be challenging without a proper system in place. netTerrain streamlines change management by providing a unified platform for planning, implementing, and tracking network modifications. The software allows for accurate impact analysis, ensuring that changes are implemented without disrupting critical services. Moreover, netTerrain fosters collaboration by enabling multiple users to work simultaneously on network diagrams and documentation. By providing real-time updates and version control, netTerrain promotes seamless teamwork, reduces miscommunication, and accelerates project completion.


Graphical Networks’ netTerrain presents a powerful solution for visualizing, documenting, and managing complex networks. Its intuitive interface, comprehensive documentation capabilities, and efficient change management features make it an invaluable asset for modern organizations.

Pretty nifty essay, I would say. Not sure I could have written it that much better myself. It does, however, miss a few things: there are no details about the company itself (which was part of what I asked ChatGPT to do). It also does not mention anything about netTerrain DCIM or netTerrain OSP. It does mention rack and floor plans, which are an integral part of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) but nothing about circuit management or strands.

All in all, I’d say ChatGPT delivered a solid effort, where each section has a convenient number of words to get to approximately 400, and the article written by AI is well-balanced and represents netTerrain quite well.

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