You may have seen some posts on the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), netViz, or Network Documentation LinkedIn groups, or perhaps you saw it in one of our newsletters: we are in hiring mode! After a very auspicious 2018, in which we saw record profits and high 2-digit growth in virtually every area (bookings, revenue, users), we are now faced with one of the best-case scenario problems we could have: the need to augment our development footprint and customer support.

We started the year by expanding our team with two junior engineers, Drake and Justice, who hit the ground running with some mad QA and back-office support. Both new hires are helping us grease the wheels around our software QA processes in addition to testing new tools for engineering operations. These efforts will aid the core software engineering team that, quarter after quarter, puts together some amazing DCIM, OSP, and Network Mapping software.

Another big move for Graphical Networks has been the decision to open a development office in Argentina, which will support our current development team. After an extensive search that lasted many months we zeroed in on 2 awesome engineers. They will start on May 1st in a new co-working space in the city of Buenos Aires. These new engineers will help us, big time, on the execution of one of our main visions for netTerrain, which is to keep enhancing our network discovery and network and environmental data center monitoring capabilities. These features all support our main goal: to become the de-facto IT visualization tool on the market.

Buenos Aires, home to our newest development office

We are no strangers to working with remote offices. As the saying goes, ‘talent is everywhere’. It is also only fitting that we have a global team given that over 50% of our customers are overseas. The choice of Buenos Aires, however, was based on a number of additional factors. One is time-zones. Buenos Aires has pretty much the same time zone as the East Coast. This makes it easier to collaborate between teams as we all work together to continue putting out amazing IT visualization software. It also doesn’t hurt that many of us are fluent or native Spanish speakers (yours truly, included).

Ultimately though, we chose Argentina for one main reason: talent. Argentina has a long history of academic excellence and a deep pool of talented software engineers. While Argentina is making a name for itself in the software development landscape, it is still mainly known for outsourcing development. We are a bit different: none of our coding is outsourced. This new office will be a legit Graphical Networks office and I am excited to go open it officially at the end of this month and welcome our new employees to the team. I am confident that they will work hard to further our commitment to publishing DCIM, OSP, and Network Mapping software that is as powerful as it is usable.

Given our ample experience in working across distributed teams with engineers overseas, the talent we have found in Argentina, and the timezone compatibility, we believe we have a recipe for success with this new office. As we get this office up and running you’ll start hearing more news regarding our improvements with the Collector and discovery suites. You may hear about them via a newsletter touting new monitoring features for devices, or improvements in the way we can gather, store, and alert on DCIM variables — but, in any case, stay tuned!

About Jan Durnhofer

As CEO / Product and Engineering Manager, Jan joined Graphical Networks with the purpose of creating the most advanced DCIM and IT visualization company in the market.