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Monitor & Control Your Power and Temperature

A recent study out of Stanford University says that 1 out of 3 data center servers is a zombie. netTerrain Environmental Monitoring Module helps you fix that.

With netTerrain DCIM-EM, the overall data center experience is a marked decrease in power consumption and cooling resources up to 30%.

Agent-less, easy integration. Real-time monitoring that gives you real control over your power.

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Real-time Monitoring
Real-time monitoring is key to accurately analyzing server efficiency, power consumption and thermal conditions in the data center. Monitor and capture data over continuous operational time and get the task done without the need to deploy agents on a mass basis. Find excessive power consumption and ghost servers that are drawing power but not performing tasks.
Control, Gate or Dial-down Power Usage
Control, gate or dial-down power usage on any unit based on your own rules and service-level requirements. Save power and facility costs while finding innovative solutions to optimize your existing IT investment.
Extraordinary Visibility
Get extraordinary visibility to map the utilization of every single server. Armed with that detailed knowledge, you can create a rational plan to coordinate business units with required performance levels. For example, some applications require all the processing power available on a 24 seven basis – but so many other applications are less time and performance critical and do not require the maximum server performance and the requisite power draw.
Control on a Granular Basis
Control specific nodes on a granular basis and gate power, virtualize or refresh hardware configurations to support applications according to service-level agreements.With netTerrainEM, the overall data center experience is a marked decrease in power consumption and cooling resources up to 30%.
Stay on Top of Server Health
Display server health on 2D data center layout & maintain historical logs for tracking MTTR -- and make necessary changes before server failures occur.

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