At Graphical Networks, we’re fortunate to have a large community of proactive users who consistently contribute, across a variety of channels, to help make netTerrain what it is today and will be in the future.

To thank our awesome users for their many contributions, we recently introduced our new Lootbox rewards program. It’s simple: do something from our list of options and you earn cool stuff – from our custom-designed GN merch (beanie, anyone?) to free training to iPhones and Macbooks.

As our announcement gave a basic overview of how the Lootbox works, we figured we’d dive in a bit deeper and give you insights into how you, dear netTerrain user, can start racking up points — perhaps for some tasks you are already doing.

Earn Lootbox Points: Stuff You May Already Be Doing

We’ve built into our rewards program ways to earn points for tasks you may already be doing as a frequent netTerrain user.

When you upload a new catalog model, you’ll earn 10 points. See a bug in the software? Report it and earn 40 points. Got a new feature idea? Request it and earn 40 points. Contribute a KB article and earn 40 points. These are all low-key ways to start stacking up some serious points you can cash in for some pretty good loot.

Earn Lootbox Points: Stuff Developers May Already Be Doing

If you’re a developer, we’ve built in ways for you to earn points for tasks you may already be doing or which would be relatively simple to do.

Got an expression/report you can share? Submit it and earn 20 points. Share your dashboard design and earn 50 points. Contribute an API module, and depending on the module, you’ll earn anywhere from 100 to 1000 points! Support a new language and earn 2,500 points.

Earn Lootbox Points: Shout about netTerrain

If you are a fan of netTerrain, you can stack up some points relatively quickly by helping us spread the word.

Refer netTerrain to a colleague and you’ll earn anywhere from 400 to 10000 points — yes, you read that right. Got five minutes? Write a review of netTerrain online and you’ll earn 200 points. Write a blog with our team and you’ll earn 150 points. Got an hour or so? Get interviewed by our team for a case study and you’ll take home 500 points (plus a professional case study that shows all of the excellent work you’ve done using netTerrain).

Earn Lootbox Points: Show Off Your Creativity

Are you the Vincent Van Gogh of IT infrastructure? Even if your name’s not about to be in the Lourve anytime soon, this category may just give you some fun ways for you to earn some points.

We’re always interested in hearing about merch ideas and we want to encourage great new ideas: propose a new t-shirt or coffee mug idea and you’ll get 10 points deposited in your Lootbox account. Got a cool netTerrain diagram you’d be willing to share with us? You’ll earn 20 points. Proud of your netTerrain dashboard? Share it and you’ll earn 30 points. Got a great idea for a new netTerrain skin (theme)? Tell us about it and earn 40 points.

Getting credit for your contributions is simple. Just visit the Lootbox, choose the item you need points for having completed, log in to Zendesk, create a ticket, and attach your work. Once your work’s approved, your points will be added to your account.

To sum it all up: there are a lot of fun, interesting, and simple ways to start racking up some serious Lootbox points. Ready to get started and start earning your points? Click here to check out the Lootbook and choose an activity!

About Adriana Lora

Adriana is a member of our sales and account management team; from coordinating events to ensuring our client accounts get the white glove service they deserve, Adriana’s the glue that keeps the pieces together!