How is netTerrain Priced? (DCIM, Logical, OSP)

“How can I get pricing for netTerrain?”

netTerrain pricing is not listed on our website. I get this and understand how frustrating this can be. In today’s world, people want information instantly. I know I do!

The reason why we don’t publish and instead ask for a 15-minute conversation beforehand is to determine if netTerrain is a good fit in the first place, because ultimately this saves you (and us) time and money.

During our conversation, we will have an open discussion to go over your use case.

If your use case matches to one of our solutions (netTerrain Logical, netTerrain DCIM, or netTerrain OSP), we will be more than happy to share our pricing.

We have multiple variations of netTerrain, and so pricing can get confusing if you don’t know which solution you need (see below). When you schedule a demo, our Sales Engineering team will determine what solution you will need, so our sales team can provide the right product quote.

We do offer, however, a pricing request page, in which we ask a couple key questions that we ask you so we have the information we need to provide you with a quote. While you will not get a quote instantly, you will get an email from yours truly with the pricing you requested and to schedule a web meeting.

During the meeting, we will ask you which license option you will need. We offer two options for an on-premise license: yearly subscription and perpetual licenses:

Perpetual: One-time cost, and since this is a permanent license, it’s yours to keep with no expiration date. We do require the first initial software maintenance and is optional afterwards.

Yearly Subscription: This is a yearly license that has an expiration date (12 Month license key). If you do not renew the license, then you will not have any access to netTerrain. The perpetual license is a forever license, that never expires.

Note: both license options include unlimited users.

netTerrain prices starts at $944 for a yearly license or $2,517 for a perpetual license with up to 100 objects.

For 500 objects, the prices are $2,944 for a yearly license or $7,851 for a perpetual license. In simplistic terms, these are the devices, usually the network devices (routers, switches), or rack mounted (patch panels, servers, routers, switches, firewalls, PDU, and racks), or for office space (wall jacks, printers, workstations), or if documenting fiber plant (enclosures, manholes, handholes, splitters, patch panels, towers, antennas). As you can see, it’s a bit confusing if you haven’t seen netTerrain yet.

Besides the videos on the product pages, we also offer monthly webinars to see netTerrain in action: live webinars and recorded webinars. This can help you determine which netTerrain solution you will need.

Depending on which netTerrain product you choose (netTerrain DCIM or netTerrain Logical), the upgrade tiers are broken down by every 500-object tier for DCIM and 1,000 object tier for netTerrain Logical.

Both solutions scale all the way to 20,000 objects. If you have more than 20,000 objects, we offer an unlimited object tier for both netTerrain Logical and netTerrain DCIM.
If interested in netTerrain Cloud, please visit: and you can see our prices online. You can also test netTerrain for 14 days here too.

Keep in mind, netTerrain Cloud is priced by number of objects and number of users.

If you need immediate pricing, please contact us direct at or call us at 240-912-6223. You can also use our pricing page. Finally, we have an online calendar you can use now to book your 15 minute meeting (our preferred method) — simply click here.

Fred Koh
Fred Koh
As a seasoned sales executive, Fred Koh serves as Director of Sales and is responsible for Graphical Networks sales and channel partner program, marketing strategy, and operations.

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