It’s April 1st 2024, and here at Graphical Networks, our team is celebrating 15 years (or 5,479 days) of netTerrain! From its first iteration as myGIS to today, used by thousands of users across the globe, let’s take a quick walk down memory lane.

In 2009, our company launched the first iteration of netTerrain. By 2013, we had already stepped up our game by embracing HTML5, which meant a smoother and more cohesive experience for everyone. Fast forward to 2016, and we took things even further with netTerrain OSP to bring the same clarity and control to Outside Plant management. In the intervening years, netTerrain’s seen much evolution — in 2023, for example, we launched netTerrain Cloud, which simplifies multi-cloud management and cost tracking – and now visualizes the entire IT stack.

From our first customer, Bell Mobility, to a host of organizations including AT&T, Caltech, and NASA, netTerrain has been integral to thousands of IT success stories.

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, for instance, transitioned from manual to insightful click-driven fiber management using netTerrain. The result? A significant reduction in physical legwork and increased efficiency in managing their complex fiber network.

At the University of Notre Dame, netTerrain has transformed the management of a fiber network that spans the equivalent of a small city. Their IT team now can get the crucial info they need in minutes, not hours and back and forth trips out to the field, right from their office.

Our global crew, from all over the globe, is the backbone of netTerrain. It’s their skill and commitment that have crafted a tool that’s not just dependable, but outstanding in its usability and ROI.

Looking ahead, we’re rolling up our sleeves: we’re championing our newest flavor, netTerrain Cloud, looking forward to shared learning experiences at our 2nd Annual netTerrain User Summit this fall, as always — new releases of netTerrain, and, of course, the everyday support we provide our users!

Thanks to our customers, from Bell Mobility’s first leap with netTerrain to our newest arrivals, for guiding our journey. Excited for the next 15 years and the paths we’ll navigate in the IT landscape!