I just finished an article discussing about DCIM pricing and the last section I discussed there was our netTerrain Cloud offering.

Wait a second…Graphical Networks offers a cloud version of netTerrain? Yes!

  • Where can I find this?
  • Can I try this out for free?
  • Does it include all of the features of an on-premise netTerrain version?

This article will get your questions about netTerrain Cloud answered!

In a previous article, I explained the pros of having a Cloud versus an on-premise solution. To review this, please click here.

So, if you decide to go with the cloud version of netTerrain (whether it’s month to month or an annual subscription) — what are the big differences from an on-premise version of netTerrain?

The key differences of netTerrain Cloud vs. On-Premise:

  1. netTerrain Cloud does not provide the Integration toolkit. netTerrain Cloud does offer the Collector, where you can run your SNMP network discovery and connect to other third party applications, via Web Services API’s, These applications include AWS, Service Now, Solarwinds Orion NPM, and CA Spectrum currently. netTerrain’s Integration toolkit allows you to connect to third party databases and provides more granular features set.
  2. netTerrain Cloud is priced by the number of users. The on-premise version of netTerrain includes unlimited users, whereas The Cloud, depending on the package that you select, comes with 1, 5, or 20 users. To review the three packages Graphical Networks is offering, please navigate over here.
  3. What about power monitoring? For real-time power monitoring and using the netTerrain Environmental Monitoring Module, this cannot be used in either three packages. However, Graphical Networks does provide the option of a dedicated server hosting option to allow an organization to use this module. This is a custom quote.

What if I start off with netTerrain Cloud (testing purposes, pilot project, etc.) and want to migrate this to an on-premise version?

We will provide your data that you can import into your on-premise version.

Great: I want to try netTerrain. How do I go about trying this out?

Cloud Trial?
At Graphical Networks, if you want to try netTerrain, we provide a free online trial at www.www.netterrain.us. Just enter your email address and hit the red button — then check your email to create your password and off you go.

One caveat: the demo trial is valid for up to 500 objects. What the heck is an object? It is any combination of nodes, racks, and objects from our catalog of objects. Links, connections, ports (from objects) do not count as objects.

On-Premise Trial?
For those wanting to try netTerrain at their own facility, Graphical Networks does offer a 30-day money back guarantee for those that need to test netTerrain with an on-premise license. For more information about our money back guarantee for our on-premise version only, please read this. If this is something that makes you say hmmm, contact your Graphical Networks sales rep, to discuss other options.

To sum up: I hope this article helps with regards to understanding our netTerrain Cloud offering. So when you are ready, check it out at www.www.netterrain.us!

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