Network Documentation

Network diagrams simplified

Traditional network management tools do a good job of collecting network data but have a poor way of visualizing the relationship of IT to the business and people. They have a limited feature set for visualizing data and are vendor specific. Traditional drawing tools are customizable, but rely heavily on tedious manual work.

Graphical Networks’ netTerrain Logical combines the best of both worlds. Organizations can take their existing information and embed it in graphical, hierarchical diagrams that can be queried, drilled into, and distributed among the audience with granular security. All from one central visual web-portal. Organizations can now easily understand the relationships of assets and locate root causes quickly. IT resources are optimized and mapped to the business and mean-time-to-repair is reduced.


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Feature-rich network documentation and data visualization capabilities

  • Web-based, enterprise-grade, distributed platform
  • Create and access real-time configurable attributes of any node or link and drill down to embedded data with a simple click
  • Easy-to-use search and hierarchy browser to navigate diagrams
  • Multi-user access and collaboration with comments, notes, and real-time uploads
  • Inter-diagram links to connect objects on different diagrams
  • Easily create graphic and visual overrides to track attributes based on custom criteria
  • Plug-in free web client framework – no flash or add-ons are needed
  • Embedded reporting engine, export feature, and database audit trail
  • Secure platform, including Active Directory support


Automate network diagrams, documentation, and import data from existing sources

  • Automate the diagram creation process using our Integration Toolkit
  • Use netTerrain network discovery engine, to discover and map networks
  • With adapters to a myriad of third-party tools such as Cisco Works, Solarwinds, What’s Up Gold, Spectrum, SCOM, Zenoss and many others you can leverage your existing Network, Asset and OSS systems
  • Import existing diagrams from netViz or Visio and create diagrams from scratch via bulk spreadsheet imports
  • Visualize VMWare environments using our vCenter Adapter


In addition to network documentation, organizations can also utilize netTerrain’s visualization capabilities to diagram and document other areas such as Enterprise Architecture, DoDAF, C4ISR views, workflows, and other general purpose drawings.

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