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Visio & spreadsheets not cutting it anymore?

Network diagrams and mapping. IT inventory management. Circuit and cable traces. System and application views. Enterprise architecture.

To gain insights and efficiently manage and document your network, these are some of the things that matter to you. Traditional drawing tools can be used to represent networks and represent your IT infrastructure, but only by hand. Monitoring tools discover the network, but leave you with a partial view and poor visualization capabilities...netTerrain Logical for automated network documentation gives you the best of both worlds: network infrastructure documentation that's easy-to-use and powerful.

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Watch Video

Visualize your Data Centers, IT inventory and networks from one central place.
Improve IT utilization and streamline capacity planning.
Increase Uptime
Meet SLAs and reduce downtime costs by decreasing your mean time-to-repair.
Reduce risks and ensure compliance with better control and governance.
Eliminate the guesswork and reduce security breaches and data loss from employee churn.
Extend and optimize the life of the data center. Measure your ROI in months, not years.

Customer Success Story:
The University of Iowa


"Graphical Networks is a company we trust. They provide stellar pre-sales support, deployment support, after-sales support and ongoing training and assistance. It’s refreshing to work with a team that is highly invested in their customers even after the sale is made: our server and DB teams were very impressed that they’ve already added a feature for us."

Moneer Rifai,
Network Engineer


From pre-sales to after-sales support, support and training were provided.

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Getting custom features added is fast and seamless.

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